oil filler cap

My ND’s second service carried out yesterday (Mazda dealership).

Drove the car home covering 24 miles before investigating strong in cabin fume smells.

Discovered that the oil filler cap wasn’t replaced after the annual oil change!  

Oil level good but oil splatter over coils, plastic manifold covers, bulkhead plastic at window wipers area, bonnet insulation.

I have given the oily areas a good wipe down and believe that all should be well after fitting the oil cap.

Am I right in this belief or ,beyond admonishing the dealership, should I have any concerns ?Confused

Provided the levels are OK I wouldn’t worry too much.

I’d be more bothered about cleaning the mess, a rant to the dealership demanding a valet would be on my to do list.

I would at least let them know of their mistake and maybe an engine bay clean up by them. Mistakes happen but I’ve had wheel nuts left and not torqued up, now that is poor attention to the job.

In touch with dealership before starting this post.

Will get a courtesy car on Monday when the car will be looked at for any consequential “damage” and given a reinspection for any other oversights.

Am  a bit concerned that windscreen may have had some oily deposit contaminating wipers and that the air conditioning system may be effected in he future by the strong oily fumes experienced.

Have been offered the possibility of a valet, but call me fussy after the initial delivery preparation & PDI I hate to let anyone near my paintwork and interior trim. Goodness knows what cleaning practices would be used.

The two reply posts are  helpful as to what approach I should take on Monday and anymore  suggestions would be welcome.

Human error happens, we all make mistakes, and although angry I would’nt want to be unreasonable.

You say you replaced the oil cap, was it left unattached somewhere in the engine bay? To me that’s beyond simple carelessness by the dealer. Are you prepared to name them?

The oil filler cap was placed on the plastic trim between the window wipers and not replaced after changing the oil.  It was trapped between the bulkhead plastic trim and the bonnet on the drive home after the service.  

I have used three mazda dealership service garages over he last 10 years and am sorry to say that they have all fallen short. The last two even managed to jeopardise the 3 year  warranty after the second service by not following Mazda’s maintenance schedules. So what is the point in naming them they appear to be all the same.

Hate to rant, but  my wife has a brand new Mazda3  Sport Nav but Warranty conditions and the consumer laws that pertain to them leave a feeling of no confidence.

I DONT KNOW HOW I CAN MAINTAIN A MAZDA WARRANTY and source a good reliable service facility in my locality.  

Of course I will contact Mazda about this and hopefully not be banging my head off a brick wall in doing so.

Probably no more fussy than I am, our Mazda 3 is the only one that goes in for a service, purely to keep the “warranty”. I clean and detail mine before it goes in, and I tell them so they don’t clean it. I’ve just got these images of truck wash and a yardbrush  … But to be fair they obviously cleaned it before we picked it up and the paintwork is bang on…

Hope alls ok though, i wouldn’t have thought it would take any harm, just make a mess…



Lucky you spotted it so soon. You could have had engine damage or worse a fire. Check the sound proofing felt under the bonnet. It would have been splattered with oil. Also consider claiming for the mess on your drive. Even if you replaced the filler cap the oil would still drip down. Just imagine if they had left the cap on top of the engine you would have a nice dent !

Before leaving in for service my fabric hood was vacuumed , cleaned and proofed. The paintwork was clayed, the few chips (mostly plastic parts) touched up and the car waxed and polished. The inside was also vacuumed and cleaned. The engine bay was also cleaned to spotless condition, with all plastic covers wiped down, even vacuuming out dust & grit.

I always clean my cars to showroom condition whether in or out of warranty AND LEAVE A NOTE with service personnel telling them NOT TO CLEAN CAR BODY OR INTERNALLY.

I obviously FOOLISHLY believe that if you demonstrate that you look after your car then so to will garage personnel.

A small localised area the size of my hand had oil on the bonnet insulation and bonnet underside, but I have dried them down.                                                                                       I cleaned the ignition leads plastic cover, removed it and dried down all crevices.                                                                                                                                                          All other oil splattered components were wiped clean (Ignition coils and aluminium covers etc) and I degreased the windows and wipers in case of oil contamination. No mess on the drive. 

Was concerned that with the cap being trapped between the plastic bulkhead and the bonnet there might have been some bonnet damage, but no damage evident.

Have driven the car and absolutely no more smell of fumes, so air conditioning has not suffered.

I am irritated that it will probably be best to return to the dealership and, in the interest of protecting my Warranty, have them satisfy themselves that all is now well.