Old Battery charger

I have a 68 plate 1.5 sport nav. I want to make sure my battery is kept charged up as I have not been able to use it much lately. I have a Stellar Components 4amp GP4 battery charger which I probably bought in the 1980’s. Would this be ok to use on the mx5? Would I need to remove the leads from the battery terminals first or just charge it as is.

Hmm, I would not risk leaving that charging a battery unsupervised. It has the capability to boil a battery.

By all means keep it as a museum piece and an example of how not to charge a car battery, or as simple un-regulated un-smoothed 15V power supply, or as a way to very briefly wake up a really flat battery sufficiently for a Smart charger to take over and finish the job.

Just don’t expect it to care for your battery in the same way as a modern Smart charger.

I would agree. I don’t think that old 4 amp charger is the right tool for the job. Modern battery conditioners aren’t very expensive (plus they’re a lot smaller and lighter in this era of switch-mode power supplies which don’t need hefty transformers) and you can leave them plugged in long-term and they’ll just keep your battery topped up as required.

They’re also “kinder” to the battery as they typically trickle charge at less than an amp. That gives the built up sulphates in the battery more time to dissolve during charging which restores capacity more effectively than fast charging.

Lidl and Aldi sell really good smart chargers for about£15.00. They are not always available but I did see some recently, so worth a look if you’re there shopping for essentials

Aldi XS smart charger online £12.99 + p&p

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