On site photographer--Stuart Davidson?

Was there an on-site photographer?

I half noticed a photographer as i entered the rally and as it is one of the few things i will buy to remember the day, i completely forgot about until i got home.

I didn’t notice his pitch nor did i look for it, so was he there and will there be a link to his excellent skills?


Link is here

Cheers, found it.

Very poor quality images, in previous years the photo has been taken against a banner showing the event, as per the last rally at Gaydon in 2014. If this was possible at this event in 2014 why not in 2019?
Compare the images with this year with no framing of the cars at all with whatever happens to be in the background included, you only have to look at the images. These are not professional photos but poor quality snaps.

Got to agree Phil5, i will not be buying mine this time due to the background and four other cars included no matter how the picture could be cropped.

Previous years pictures have been brilliant and have pride of place on my wall.

I guess I was lucky with my arrival image, it came out very well on the mug, pin sharp (I’m clearly hurriedly hanging the hanger on the mirror), and has the legend across the top “MX-5 30th Anniversary Rally, Gaydon 2019”.

But then I arrived a couple of hours ahead of the rush to help as a Volunteer and with no other cars around me. 

Moral: It is well worth volunteering!