One problem resolved, another one surfaces 😒

Re my other post (the thermostat) did this today, all is well, the heater is now a heater and the temperature gauge never moved an inch on a 140 mile round trip to the coast today.

Hooowwweevvverrrrr… :roll_eyes:

Got back home, putting it into the garage and it’s developed a knock in the steering when you wiggle the steering wheel quickly.

I’ve only had a quick glance, might have a better look tomorrow, but has anyone got any ideas?

This has definitely developed today, haven’t hit any pot holes etc so I’m drawing a blank as to how and why this could suddenly happen, and what it could be. I also don’t want to jump to conclusions but the sound seems to be coming from very low down and I already have a suspicion about the rack… But again, how the hell could the rack be making such an audible noise so suddenly?

God help me :sob:

Best bet would be to get underneath and try to pinpoint the sound whilst someone else is wiggling.

Could be your rack, steering column or more likely one or both your track rod ends. Jack each side of your car’s front end in turn and see if you can rock your wheels in the horizontal plane without the steering wheel moving. If either wheel can move see if you can feel any play in the track rod end ball joint. If neither of them move it could be the rack, rack mounts or any universal joints in the steering wheel column. Play in the rack and pinion can sometimes be adjusted either with an adjustment screw or shims. Somebody more familiar with the Mk3 should be able to advise. It really is a matter of trial and error starting with the track rod end ball joints first.

have a look at the drop links from the ARB. The OEM ones are not the best and guess if they’ve been changed out previously for aftermarket ones, they too could have bit the dust.

Very unlikely to be the drop links, I fitted new ones not long ago, only done 2k miles

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fair enough Chris, obviously I wasn’t aware of this :nerd_face: and you did ask for help after all.

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My apologies pal, I read that back and it does come across a bit blunt.

Not my intention, no offence meant :heart:

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Thank you Chris, none taken and fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:you get the issue resolved!

I still say that you’ll be better off crawling under the car and lsitening from where the noise is eminating.
Intersting to note that you swapped the drop links recently, but yet you’ve ruled those out.

Personally, this would now probably be the first place I looked.


So as I suspected the drop links are absolutely fine, no issues with them whatsoever… I know they may seem like an obvious place to start, but if the car is stationary, not running and a knock can be felt, there is no loading on the the drop links at all - More so because the links connect to the lower wishbone which will only ever move a matter of millimetres when the wheel is turned.

At the same time, the knock is audible when the steering wheel is moved <1cm in either direction; it was never going to be the drop links.

Anyway, had the issue confirmed this morning as being the rack, still don’t understand how it can go from being as tight as a drum one moment to knocking the next, but there we go.

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Does that mean a new rack then Chris? Or is there any ‘adjustment’ that can be made. :thinking:

Yep it’ll be a new rack, -/+ £500 including the cost of a reconditioned rack on an exchange basis with a local refurbisher.

I’m not going to say the old girl is a money pit, but… :zipper_mouth_face:

Ouch! Strange as you say that it just ‘let go’ at least you’ve had it confirmed and know how to resolve it Chris. Sometimes you can chase stuff and replace all sorts of bits and not solve the problem.


This may or may not be of any use Chris but these guys are in Bristol (not sure where you are).



This is interesting.
I think it refers to the NB, but worth a look.
A $10 dollar fix

Just a thought, before pulling the steering rack out could it be a bit of wear on the steering arm where it attaches to rack inside the steering rack boot, usually this is a ball and socket, have fitted steering arms to other makes in the past due to wear or accident damage, not even sure if they can be purchased separately for an mx5

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I’m willing to look at and try anything that will save me £500.

Although, in struggling to visualise the part you’re referring to…

Hi again, here’s just an image I got on a google search, I imagine an mx5 part will be similar, the threaded end is where the track rod attaches to wheel hub, the ball and socket is fixed to end of steering beneath gaiter on rack, I’ve seen the ball end wear on some cars allowing for free play or knock from steering. Usually just unscrews from steering rack.

Hopefully someone who has worked in an mx5 rack can confirm if similar design

Ohhh I see.

I’m not hopeful to be honest… When I had it on ramps earlier, a wiggle of either wheel gives a very slight knock directly in the middle of the car, right where the rack is :confused:

Strange it should just suddenly develop a knock, I know on mine I have a slight knock if I wiggle the steering wheel but has always been like that.
Hope you get it sorted and not too expensive to fix

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