Ongoing problem


I have a T reg MX5 which has run like a dream for the first year that I have had it. However over the last few months it has had an intermittent problem which seems to be getting worse. When traveling at speed it loses power and then suddenly surges forward. Around town it kangeroos. I have had the HT leads and the fuel filter changed. It was tested at the Mazda garage and they said it may need a new fuel pump but I have since been told that this is unlikely as it wouldn’t run at all if this was the problem.Now all sorts of other seemingly unrelated things seem to be happening. It smells of burning at the back of the car after a journey. There are some strange clunking noises after I stop and when I first reverse out of the drive after it has been parked and it seems as if the power steering isn’t working properly as the car feels heavier than usual. Other suggestions have been that the engine management system or a sensor related to this could be the problem. If anyone has any ideas they would be gratefully received.


The burning smell and clonk when reversing off the drive sounds like rear brake caliper sticking. Not going to guess at the other stuff though.