Oops (Rot)

I think some undersealing might be in order, after we get this fixed up! Anyone have any recommendations for central Scotland area?

I had a new cill welded on my VW Polo a couple of years ago at a garage in Braco.

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Ask for Brian


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The offending area!

Wow, I feel for you , hope you manage to save her :see_no_evil:

Certainly offends the eyes!

I had basically what amounted to the same failure (area) on my own NA back in 2019, except it was both sides of the car:

The cost was over £1200 as the more they exposed, the more they found required welding and that was just to get it patched up for the MOT, roll on a few years and there’s areas I’m already concerned about.

So, I hope there’s only that one side gone and it hasn’t spread too far.

you need someone who knows the cars, may be difficult in Scotland

There was that thread recently about the restorer who’s just outside Lochgilphead on the Kintyre coast, might be some journey for the car to get there, but it’s bound to be excessively rust proofed round that area :smiley:

Progress today!


That’s some quick progress, who did you get to do the work (presuming you’re not doing it yourself)?

Yes, all fabbed and welded by my usual mechanic. He does a good job generally and is very economical. £300 for that.

I’m still on the hunt for a good undersealer near me as that’s now been bumped right up the priority list.

Congratulations – glad you got it fixed so easily!

How old is the car?


Cheers. Definitely time to get her sealed up though for the longer term!

It’s a 2005 car. A launch edition.

Pretty good for nearly 20 years. And this only showed up since the last MOT?


Well, yes and no… The other sill was welded a few years back and still looks ok to be fair.

This one had been dodged. Someone had stuck a bit of metal on with filler and just let it rust behind. A cowboy job if ever I’ve seen one and shameful to be honest.

If I can get the underside sorted it shouldn’t be too bad for the figure as it isn’t driven in winter anymore.

Next up to sort is the 20 year old shocks on lowering springs. I think the last owner did this particular bodge!