Opinion / advice following a cat theft - donate, save or scrap?


I’m looking for some opinion / advice please following a cat theft on a Y-plate Mk2 1.8i. She’s been great to drive over the 20 years, but I’m expecting the insurers to write her off after the theft (of an OEM cat). Only 67k on the clock, cam belt done, but has had welding to pass the MOT last time, and before “all this” would occasionally have a stuck drivers door until you had squeezed yourself in & driven down the road a bit - reminds me of mis-aligned sub frames on an original Mini.

The owner himself is also getting creaky & the clutch is pretty painful at times in traffic. So, a couple of years ago I had the idea of donating the car (which essentially has no real monetary value) to a motoring college or something so that it could be used, as it were, as a cadaver or perhaps also driven. This, for many reasons (although I’ve not looked for such a college to even ask) is unlikely to be an option any longer although in-person teaching does happen for hands on type work like mechanics.

The part with the largest value these days was the cat, followed I guess by the hard top, engine, alloys etc. I have to say over the years I’ve been reluctant to part ways but now it just seems inevitable and OH is quite right in thinking I’m mad considering anything else. If the insurers were to pay up for a new cat then I suspect she would fail the MOT on rust, possibly aggravated by the hard landing off the jack as they stole the cat.

Does anyone have any thoughts please? Thanks in advance.

Sounds like it’s worth saving, you could probably find a second hand cat if you don’t want to spend on a new one

This is becoming increasingly common.
I’d not even involve the Insurance people until the thing gets ramped & inspected for future rot issues and a damaged floorpan.
First thing I noted, ( agree with you) get that Hardtop off and safely away. It’s possibly worth £300.00 plus on it’s own.
Secondly, and pardon my candour but from your own comments about driver comfort etc, and the fact it’s needed welding before, then dial in it’ll doubtless need more in a short time…it’s maybe time to let go.
I say this as an enthusiast who has spent far too much (?) keeping our two 5’s on the road for 14 years…but even I have limits and I’ve reached them!
You did ask for opinions…I suspect they will vary greatly. :wink:

First find out how much the insurance company intend to pay you for the “loss” of your car. Negotiate with them if you feel they are undervaluing the car.
Then negotiate with them for a payout with you keeping your car. This needs to include that they will not mark the car down as an insurance total loss (Cat C/D etc).

Kudos for considering donating it - its a very nice thought.

Hope the insurance people come up with cash.

Sorry to hear. It’s worth noting that it is only the original cats that are big money. An aftermarket one to repair it would be quite cheap. I don’t know how an insurance company would go about assessing such a thing as this.

If the car is beyond saving there are always folks on the look out for donor cars for kits so that might be an avenue. And there is always scrappage but that will guarantee the car goes to the big car park in the sky.