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Hi All,
Perusing the MX5 ads and came across this. It’s 2000MY and comes with a hard top and bag. What I like about this vintage is the manual rag top. Here’s the but, the NS rear seems to be far too high, certainly higher than the OS rear as per the pix. Or am I mistaken?
Your opinions on this would be much appreciated.

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Nice monster truck stance :see_no_evil:

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Ride heights almost never match exactly when you measure one side to another but that does look a bit high. Bushes replaced maybe? That can happen ISTR if the bolts aren’t tightened with weight on the wheel. But I’m no expert.

X762 KBV? Check if the front brake pads need doing. They’re wearing thin according to the last two MOTs.


No reliable opinions possible worthy of your note unless ramped and given a ruddy good chassis rail , floor pan, sill, and rear end arch investigation…plus historic rot/ service invoices.
It looks a peach,
So did a few GFs in the late 60’s & 70’s that turned out high maintenance expensive hobbies.
And one turned out gay.


Thanks all for the quick replies.
John M

What’s ISTR?

Mikey_C Yes it is. Well spotted!:blush: I will if I go and see it. But that strange height…… All might be revealed if I see it in the flesh.

I feared as much (examination). Excellent analogy with GF’s. :clap:

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I Seem To Remember?

If work has been done on the suspension bushes and all the bolts have been tightened with the weight of the car off the suspension there will be some ‘preload’ in the rubber components that can result in what you are seeing.

If you are really keen I would have a look at the rear springs and/or shock absorbers to see if one/both look ‘younger’. It may be that one side only has been replaced.

Thanks MM,
IIRC aren’t you supposed to change shocks in axle pairs or have I made it up?
Either way, I’m not in a rush to see any yet. Happy to familiarise myself with their respective quirks/issues and research. Also my XK8 is having some work done later this month which will make it a much more attractive proposition for a buyer (hint - bodywork but not rust!).

The NS rear wheel looks odd sitting in the arch, more forward than the other side. Could be the angle of the shot though.

Sills have been repaired and painted, can tell that sitting here miles away.:grin:

Wheels are aftermarket and the boot rack is fitted the wrong way. The last two observations are minor points.:thinking:

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Walk away…

(Spidey sense is tingling)

Thanks Mike, TOG for your input.

It’s off the list.

Well it might be capable of a sub 1 second 0-60 mph, which would explain it :wink:

She as had suspension work done and either not fitted correct or the wrong ones fitted ,looks tidy enough ,but then they all do in pics.
Advise … you need to see her properly and take someone with you that really knows these roadsters inside out before parting with any cash.

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