Options for repairing rear arches

Hi All,

We’ve got ourselves a nice red Mk1 1.8iS that we’ve had for the past few months, but when we bought it the only problem it had was that the passenger side rear arch was going and would need sorting out before winter. Well we figure that we ought to get it done before autumn.

So, i’d like your advice if I could. The options I see are:


  1. Got to a body shop and get the arch cut away, rebuilt and repainted. Does anyone know of any good reliable bodyshops in the North/East Yorkshire area?

  2. Buy a second hand panel and refit it. How easy is it to replace the rear quarters?

  3. Buy a new panel (i’ve seen them online for about £50), get it painted and fit it.


Other than that the car is pretty damn sound and no real problems. We’re intending on garaging it over the winter so we don’t make the rust worse!

Ta muchly!


Mr Z

 Where do you live up North? Which town I mean.

beware of cheap new panels…they will be pattern parts and are notouriously poor fitting and unless you have a very good collection of tools you will end up in the body shop anyway.

i dont know how hard it is to replace the rear quarters…but i would suggest your best bet is to get a second hand, fit and prep for paint yourself…or to just find a good bodyshop that will fit fit prep and paint.

avoid anywhere that says they can cut and rebuild an arch, they would need to be an expensive body shop to be any good…or itll never qute match up to the other side…itll always look a bit different and drive you mad, the most you can get away with is grinding a bit out from an exhisting arch, rust remedy, quick scim and paint, if you really have o cut away then the above options are always preferable.

Try Damien Hide on 07927365807 or rcpcars@btinternet.com  He’s based just outside York and made a good job of repairing one of my sills earlier in the year.


 I’ve got the same problem with my Berkeley bought recently. Look at mx5city based in Conisborough, Nr Doncaster www.mx5city.co.uk I went down there at the weekend and they know what they are doing, mine is booked in for 2 weeks time.


 IKf you dont mind me asking. Just ive heard that they can be a little pricey. Got to have some work done either this year or next on abit of rust work and would be ideal for me mx5city as not too far away,

Thanks in advance!

 Price and value are very subjective. As I have bought this Berkeley as a keeper at a sensible price I am prepared to invest in good bodywork repairs that will last. The extent of the rust on my rear arch means that I need a replacement rear panel as shown in the parts section of their website as opposed to the repair panel shown on the restorations part of their web site. Having been down to their premises and spoken to Martin I get a good feeling about the place but only time will tell. New rear panel, fit, paint, full waxoil ( including other side whilst they are at it) max £450. Looking at various forum posts on this and other forums this doesn’t seem unreasonable. Go down and chat to them there’s no obligation.

Hi All, thanks for the input.


We live in a little village halfway between York and Hull, so i’ll give this guy Damien a call, and also check out MX5city. I’ve had a look at their website before, I mean even the worst of rust on the arch is nowhere near as bad as that. It seems (according to their website) that the arch repairs cost between £250-500 per side.


I’ll keep my eyes out for a secondhand red panel, but i’m having a little difficulty working out how you remove the panel from the car…

It is very difficult to remove since it is attached to the body with tens if not hundreds of spot welds. MX5 Heaven advertise cut panels for sale but I can’t help but think that you will obtain better results with a new repair panel. Paint colour of the donor panel is irrelevant since the entire panel and some of the surrounding area will need to be refinished after fitting/welding.