Orange engine light

On the way home today just joined the m6 n/bound the orange engine management light came on and has stayed on looads of power all lubricantes ok water temp ok oil pressure needle in usuall place ok. has any one any ideas can it be solved quite quickly and cheaply.

2003 1.8 sport 24097 miles.


You need access to a fault code reader. This will tell you why the ECU is complaining. Fix any faults arising and then use the reader again to clear the trouble codes.

Hi Niggle just spoken to Carl at CBS auto’s car booked in for Monday am he is also a member of the local mx5 chapter North west area.



Fingers crossed for a quick/cheap fix!

Hi Niggle are these fault code readers expensive, can you buy hand held readers or is it a big computor thingy ma jig Huh?



 Hi Alan

Reading the fault codes on a Mk 2.5 requires an OBD II reader, but the cheap ones(hand held £60 onwards) dont read all the fault codes on jap cars,Carl as a top of the range fault reader(snap on £2000 worth of kit),which will work out a lot cheaper than a mazda dealership honest,other wise i would not have pointed you in that direction.

Dont worry it will be something and nothing.

Mk 1’s and Mk 2’s can be read with an LED flash codes from the diagnogstics box under the engine bay.

Speak to you tomorrow.


Hi Wanye As you know I am out of work all my house hold duties done (dishes washed carpets vac’d beds made well mine is, dustin done made tea ready -or the workers coming home all wif a slice of hovis) and the devil makes work -or idle hands I  had all ready spoken to Carl be-ore the devil got to my hands and made me type that post honest. I will not be putting any more bling on me car thats -or sure. sorry improvements, so I have a starter push two LED lights for sale. LOL I  will be in Wigan tomorrow under me Dads car getting it ready for MOT. phone will be on all day.

Cheers -or your advise I will to get that - replaced its doin my -lipping head in (f) there it does work


 I might be able to fit your starter button and boots on sunday,i’ll be stripping down and rebuilding my brakes on my Mk 2(working on mine at last).Thumbs upmay even get in spraying the mud flaps and rear lip??

Whats all the f’ing aboutWink

I will help with your brakes etc drop me a pm or txt. well remember me and electrical thingies, I told you about the - lying o-- my lap top key board it the - (f that went -lying o– ) so thats why I am -ing less


 hi alan hope the car is like new again with the new lamba sensor and starter button fitted have you given wayne the diagram for the starter button…don’t want any fire’s lol

Hi Carl, yes all is ok thanks for your promt attention is also cost me dear at Boundry mill as well LOL , I have not sent the wiring to Wayne as yet I will




Let me know when the one legged one winged pigion sets offWink


See you next week,i’m coming down to do a time and motion studyBig Smile



We tried to warn you on Sunday morning … Smile

Glad to hear that the management fault was easily sorted. Hooray for code readers!