'Other Events'

O/K - I make mistakes, so do many, but the Other Events area of this forum is diabolical in it’s present form, a poster must either ensure every spelling mistake is corrected, and every grammatical mistake is rectified before pressing the POST button, or it’s too late. You are stuck with your efforts, which can either be pathetic or laughable, but an edit button would help matters no end. No-one can reply to entries in this section, which leaves the poster wondering if the effort was worthwhile or not. WHY?

As forum readers become accustomed to the fact they cannot reply to any post in this section, then the tendency becomes to ignore it altogether, thereby negating the original post from day 1.

Last year I did ask for an ‘International Meeting’ section, as both Mal and I would use it, but that’s been ignored, yet how else can we advertise such events other than in the ‘Other Events’ section which does not allow editing or replies ?

And - to add to the frustration the word ‘Sanction’ is badly misused here. -  So it’s not  ‘Sanctioned by the Club’ - but we are against people meeting others who may or may not be Club Members? - we are all supposed to be brothers and sisters of a world wide family, but we cannot advertise that fact - it’s not Club Sanctioned. We are driving people away from the Club and the forum by being bloody minded IMHO.

I rest my case. (And yes, before someone says it - I cannot drive and have no MX5. So what?) I am still an honorary member and will remains so till I die, but no reason to ignore what I say.


RE ‘Last year I did ask for an ‘International Meeting’ section, as both Mal and I would use it, but that’s been ignored, yet how else can we advertise such events other than in the ‘Other Events’ section which does not allow editing or replies’

https://www.mx5oc.co.uk/international/ is on the main club website, it has a link to the ‘other events’ section of the forum

Comments can be added after each post in the Join the discussion section 

Whilst on the forum could I mention https://www.mx5oc.co.uk/forum/yaf_postst112423_A-regional-gathering-to-celebrate-the-25th-Anniversary-of-the-MX5-Owners-Club-and-30th-Anniversary.aspx has 

• Through ticketing is available from any East Midlands station to Matlock and Rowsley, making a day long visit possible for those who do not want to, or cannot drive,

so if you cannot get a lift travelling to the meet is possible by train

Ps I hope my spelling and grammar is to your satisfaction

You too? - We need a bigger drum!

Gerry, I ‘think’ Burton is pointing out that International events are well covered, listed and publicised, see this link: https://www.mx5oc.co.uk/international/ 

Odd, the post I replied to only showed the first paragraph, the rest must have been added later. How come this does not show up on the Forum, nor have we been notified of it’s existence. Also - the area you’ve indicated only shows up the topic, but not who can post on it, or check it either? - If no-one is aware of it’s existence, how does anyone interested read it - or reply to it either?

Click somewhere> - Where? It’s like a secret society.

Try pressing F5 ‘Refresh’ when on the post

International Events do not show up on the Home Page, they show up once Events is pressed


And long shall you remain a honorary member 

Some forums allow any participant to edit or delete his/her post (but obviously no-one elses’s - that’s the privilege of a moderator).
Some allow a window of, for example one hour.
Some have no time limit.
Some allow the poster to delete an entire thread they started by deleting the first post.

I’m sure the ability to do this lies somewhere in the software package used here, but it needs switching on by the site admin folk.


A good few moons ago the ability to reply in the ‘Events section’ was switched ‘On’ sadly it was swiched ‘Off’ by the powers at be.

Conclusion? This appears to be a correlation of Area threads, and not viewable or accessible by anyone, other than members of the club and in particular of that area. In effect, it’s a closed diary, for that purpose only. I don’t see how this is a public viewable area, and no way is it viewable from the forum. Presumably A/C’s only can access it, or it’s a diary of other content contained in area posts, and only (normally) accessible to local members. (Who would search every area for an international meet?)

In effect, as about as much use as add-ons for a bull, no need to elaborate on that comment. - If anyone has never heard the expression, PM me for the missing word.

I want to see an open - and visible International Events section where interested members can both view and access details, including reply to it - or them. And CAN be edited, by OP and other members.

If Frivolous Fun can be used, why can’t members use an International Event?

The Admin team have reviewed the reasons that edit rights were removed from the ‘other events’ forum and conclude that the particular issue prevalent at the time should not be a current concern. Edit and posting rights are now available to Club Members, Forum only members can view.