Oulton/brands 2015


I have been able to set up a very good deal with our partners in motorsport Mazda on Track at Oulton Park on Friday 13th of November and Brands Hatch on Friday 4th December. These are both Owners Club sanctioned events,. As the Motorsports Co-Ordinator for the club, I will be there to look after everyone and be your club representative and point of contact: these events are designed to help the novice as well as the experienced track day person. If you are new to track days I will show you around and how the systems works, answer any of your questions and give you guidance on setting up your car.  As a complete novice we can supply free helmets and track tuition and we have also organised a talk about the track and track driving by a professional racing driver. A certain amount of tooling will also be available to use to assist you in having a trouble free day. Refreshments will be supplied from one of the pit garages which will also be our base. As a novice you will be given the opportunity to have the first 20 minutes on track for novice drivers only. We the Club, will be doing everything we can to make your track day as enjoyable and as safe as possible, just remember track day driving is enjoyable and the MX5 is a joy to drive on any circuit. Why not bring your partner or friend along for a passenger ride and get them to enjoy the day as well. To get hold of the discount code for either of these events please e-mail me at peter.mcnicol@mx5oc.co.uk or pm me. I will require your membership number, name and address.


I have just been informed that there are only three slots left for Brands Hatch, If you have been given a Club code but have not yet booked, may I suggest that you do as soon as possible. If you are too late the MOT web site will tell you they are fully booked.


Have fun and be safe


Yes both events will be open pit lane, please note there was a typo on the original post Oulton park is in november not as originaly posted.


Sounds an excellent opportunity for the novice drivers, unfortunately on the 4th December I will be with 32 others from the south East going to Valkenberg Xmas markets for a few days so will miss this.

hopefully you will get Brands Hatch again next year so we can make a SE event there. I am sure we could fill the requirement for the day

thanks Peter and thanks for the tickets we had a great day at brands hatch last weekend with 21 cars turning up.



sarah xxxx

Your passenger is asleep Peter! 

Actually,I think he’s praying!





Email sent Peter ??

It’s great to have a track day in the South, thanks Peter and Nick.

Looking forward to brands hopefully no dumping oil on the track like last time ,who will be doing the tuition this time ? Cos I need all the help I can get ,and yes its great to get one down this end blyton Cadwell and oulton are a good three to four hours for me brands is just 45 mins ,happy days

Hi Peter

Is this a club only event or will there be other groups attending?


Mick Livermore

A similar question to Mick, will there be other makes of car there?


Hi Mick, there will be other people attending, although the offer is only open to club members. MOT are good at controlling numbers on track by not booking too many to attend each event.

If you have any more questions please ask. I am hoping to have a few events that will be MX5 only next year.


I have just looked at the MOT website and it looks as though numbers are capped to 60 cars. I have done a couple of track days with the BMW car club in the MX5 and thought it would be better with similar performance cars, I spent a lot of time giving way to a lot faster cars, its suprising how much that effects your concentration.
This sounds like a good event, just need to check the diary.


Pm sent



Last time I did this at Brands it was the non MX5’s that spoilt the day for me and others.

Guys, we have always had other makes of vehicle at our normal events, it is nothing new. We still would expect over 50% of cars to be MX-5’s and then RX-8’s. We do not particularly swim in the pond of Porsche and to my recollection have never had a Ferrari on any of our days although did have a McLaren at Coombe last year. 

Please do not think there is a problem in having other makes of car, I cannot think of another commercial TDO that would come close to this apart from Lotus on Track and they have accepted other marques since as long as I can remember. I am more than happy to have MX-5 only days, but that would also require you good people to book them so that they can be.

We police all our days the same, GT3 or MX-5 and it is far more likely that the Mazda will embarrass the Porsche than the other way around.  

We have also lowered the numbers on all of our days to be less than twice the track limit. You will be amazed at how much pressure that will take off the circuit and how much more space there will be on track. 


I’m booked for brands I’ve no problem with the other makes I remember the McLaren he let me sit in it ,wouldnt let me have the keys tho ,happy days

I’m all booked in - this will be my first track day experience and I’m really looking forward to it.






Not many places left chaps.