Out for a drive while we can

Well its a beautiful sunny afternoon today in Cambridgeshire, so took the opportunity to have a top down drive across the fens (no traffic about) while we are still able to.

Need to make the most of these days!


Yep ,i’ll go with that, although I can be a bit of pessimst sometimes, a good run out in the 5 with the lid down really lifts your spirits, we have just come back from rural Norfolk, far from the madding crowd, loved every minute of it, like you say, enjoy it whenever you can.

We are only a 40 minute drive from the North Norfolk coast so intending to get there for a walk on Thursday, it will also give the MX5 a reasonable run.

I’m off to Cadwell for a track day on Wednesday, Javelin have confirmed the event is still on, so I plan spending the day with full face helmet and gloves on, tearing around Cadwell. That should keep the bug as at bay.


ENJOY! its an excellent circuit.

I also had a blast in central London with the top down reached a top speed of 20mph, as that is the new speed limit in London.
But the roof was off and the sun was shinning in my 5.
What could be better.
happy motoring
MF :blush:

We went for a lovely drive in the sunshine this afternoon to forget about the chaos that was Morrisons this morning, albeit we took the Morris Traveller rather than the MX-5 as the former hasn’t been out for ages given the weather. Had a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake and drove back home. If it’s nice tomorrow then maybe we’ll do it again with the MX-5. :grinning:

First time out of garage this year. Taxed today and out for a blast in sunshine around Fylde coast in readiness for MOT later this week.

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Looks great, love the colour


Went to work top down this morning. Amazingly the M61 was like a Sunday morning, few cars and even fewer trucks.

Still looking good Ray.

It was the National Trust at Croome Park yesterday for us - glorious!

I can’t see why going for a topless ride in your MX-5 on a nice sunny day is going to be injurious to anyone’s health - provided you do not stop (or try to !) for a coffee / beer / lunch or whatever, which could bring you into contact with other people.

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My thoughts exactly , if its nice on Sunday , we’re going to go for a spin out into the rural countryside ,find a nice spot on the edge of a field maybe under a tree and have an old fashioned picnic.




I would have thought it was positively good for your health. Take you away from the troubles of the world for a few hours.


It makes good sense.
Now that the planes are not building our carbon footprint so much, we can go out with a slightly clearer conscience (or at least that’s what I told myself as I floored it again with a big wide grin when taking it for the routine twenty-minute blow-dry after its annual bath and polish.)

Just got mine on Wednesday and looking for any excuse to go out…:grin:

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We spent last weekend up in rural Norfolk, and whilst zipping around the B roads, a green and yellow Caterham 7 ( Lotus 7 ) came flying around the bend, we past too fast to wave or nod etc, but as he zipped past I saw he had a big cheshire cat grin on his face, … that made two of us. :grin:

PS, Nice car Gimpfacemctavish, …enjoy



My timing is not exactly working out well. I got all four ageing tyres replaced on the MX5 the beginning of last week (went for Vredstein Sportrac 5). Picked up a brand new 20 plate new Husqvarna 401 Svartpilen motorcycle the week before… As an ex EHO I had a feeling by the end of February things were going to get bad, but not this bad. Hoping leisure driving/riding/cycling or even walking without a good reason are allowed for a while - no pass required like Spain.

I shall be filling up at pay at the pump and not even opening my flip front helmet. Using disposal nitrile golves from the stash in the garage to handle the nozzle and key in my pin then REMOVE IN THE APPROVED WAY AND DISPOSE OD THEM. No coffee stops. A thermos and a butty in the tank bag.


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Enjoy your bike and MX5 while you can.

I have a feeling there will be travel restrictions coming if we end up following Italy, Spain and France with their precautions.

At the end of the day we have to do as advised to beat this virus.

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