Over 70s license blip

I have a friend who is over seventy and has been told by the DVLA that he cannot drive as his license has expired during the lockdown period. Although there was supposed to have been a seven month extension if you met certain criteria. But he has been told he can’t drive, although he meets the criteria, until they clear the backlog. So any members out there should check if it’s ok for them to drive, to be on the safe side.


Useful info, seems a bit mad though. Did he actually go to the trouble of checking with them to find this out or did they contact him?

I think he contacted them as he wasn’t sure about the rules, Just to add. The confusion was.
The DVLA have given a 7 month extension, which is automatic, ( you don’t have To do anything) on any 10 year photo card license that expires between February 1st 2020 and August 31st 2020. At any age.
The problem was he only had one of the paper licences, which is still legal to have but there was a back log on New card licenses being produced. He had also let it go past the renewal date. (I just found that out ) more involved than I thought, sorry about that.

Hmm, if you have a current electronic UK passport with the recent photo, correct home address, and no medical conditions affecting your driving, nor endorsements and don’t need any special extensions on the license then the whole thing can be done on-line.

The website will ask for the old paper copy to be cut in half and returned. I suggest taking very clear scans of both sides of the old paper one before sending it away, and possibly waiting until you receive the new photo license before posting the old one.


Sounds pretty straight forward, hopefully he has sorted it out :+1: