Paint Code

I have a nasty stone chip that I want to fix, but need to know where the paint code is for a 2014 MK3.5. I believe the code can be deciphered from the VIN but have no idea how to do this.



Look at the vin plate and there should be a section saying paint code i.e. my mk1 says hu which is brg, its not rocket science just look!

It’s not displayed on the NC VIN plate, you’ll have to get it from your dealer from the VIN number. PM it to me if you like and I’ll get it for you.

Follow the link and just enter your reg no. and Roberts your relative!

You can even order touch-up paint from them.


You have given the op incorrect information and then followed it up with a sarcastic comment, how did you think that was at all helpful? 




Thanks everyone for your replies. Robbie helped me in the end by providing my Paint code from my VIN code.

Just to clarify, on the MK3.5 the only way to get the paint code is from the VIN code - the paint code is not displayed anywhere on this model.