Paint on MK1

Ive got a MK1 - silver/grey auto


paint starting to show wear on bonnet/boot/1 wing

anyone recommend a paintshop and/or give me an idea of price to fully respray (dont see point of trying to match, as surely it will just look odd)

had 1 quote, but at price quoted i’d be better off purchasing a newer model

If it’s really the lacquer that’s failing and not actually the paint, perhaps it’s more fixable than you may fear. If…

I’m thiking it is the lacquer

but as im a guy who just drives the car, it’s beyond me to sort myself.

would i still need a paint shop?
the quote i had was more than 3K

only bodywork needs attention otherwise, is where previous owner put on running boards and a line of rsuty water shows under doors.

i intended to service/new roof/sort paintwork as had it 13 years, and it only done 20k in 13 years ive had it

id rather keep it than go ‘new or newer’

Sounds like it needs these darned side skirts off ( how I detest these flippin’ dirt trqps), perhaps sill & arch fabrication & all new paint…or perhaps not all new paint. Professionals are rather good at seamless fading…or should be. TBH, 3k does not surprise at all…if…it includes new metal.
Only you can decide if it’s worth it but it’d need to be a keeper. You will not get your money back.

Respray costs are like how long is a piece of string. I’ve had two cars repainted (top coat) over the years, the cost was £1000-1200 including sorting out minor dings, but not welding.

On that car, you can see the sprayer had done some dressing on the rear panel. Turned out it was old damage from Japan, and eventually needed welding.When I brought that car, it had hail damage, every panel.

The other car repainted was my S-Special 2, which was repainted in 2009, with the GHO nose. Crashed in 2011, destroying the GHO nose. Insurance repair, with new wings and bumper, which now don’t quite match the bonnet. 2017 had a lot of welding done, and most of the rear end painted (wings, bumper, and lower door halves). In 2020, the paint is getting tired looking close up, and things weren’t helped by the garage door dropping on it.

I have a 1991 Eunos in very good condition with only 108,000 km.I have spent money on a new hood £400 SS Exhaust £200,sill repairs,and other mods.The value of the car is still only £2,000 max,so be careful how much you spend, cos you’ll lose money,if you sell.My paintwork had got slightly faded,and even though the paint was original, I used TCut and as long as you don’t rub too hard you can revive the finish tremendously.There are 2 types,one is for metallic and the other for non-metallic.After TCut, use a good quality resin wax such as Autoglym,it’s brilliant.

This is my car
had a quote of 3.5K to sort the ‘paintwork’

the bodywork looks ok to my eyes