Paint restoration

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I’ve been working on my father-in-laws seat Ibiza to polish the paintwork to remove the rough feel.
I’ve washed the car and polished it 4 times using autoglym products but still not got a smooth finish on the bonnet or roof.
I wondered about using autoglym paint restorer.
Any suggestions?

Sounds like it needs a machine polish. That paint restorer by Autoglym I’ve got, I only use it if I get a small patch (scuff) to deal with. It didn’t touch the large panels which had swirls and as you describe rough to the touch paintwork and too much like hard work.
Plenty of info re detailing/machine polishing online, what to use etc. I ended up getting man in to do it properly, it took him all day, worth every penny but expensive.

I reckon you need to clay bar your paint. It will leave the paint glass smooth. You will be surprised at the stuff it will remove from the paint surface. Washing alone will not remove such contamination. Plenty of products available, just do a Google search.

I would highly recommend Menzerna 3 in 1. It cuts, polishes & seals all in one. Can be used by hand or machine.

Anybody got any suggestions for tired red paint on a Mk1 front bumper? I have had it machine polished and done it with various compounds but it lasts a very short time - ie about a week or 1 gentle wash. it has bloomed a bit and when fully polished it looks ok, but doesn’t last. I will potentially get the whole car painted, but for the time being I just want to try and do this as it lets the car down…

So far I have tried just various wax polishes (Meguirs, etc) and they do not good and I have tried the turtle wax red polish, but again this doesn’t last.

+1 for claying your car!
I clayed mine for the first time and I’m amazed at the result, it gave me that silky smooth finish.
I followed up with a light machine polish and wax and it looks fantastic

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I thought I’d give an update.
On taking over the car I found my father in law had the car Autoglym protected. My wife spoke to Autoglym who transferred the policy to her. They posted us some Magma cleaner and polish.
After washing the car, two goes with Magma and polish, the paintwork was vastly improved but still a tiny bit rough.
Following advice on this post a used Autoglym clay which I had. This completed the job and the paint is now virtually smooth.

I keep one of these in my detailing kit,

Much easier to use than a clay bar and can be used multiple times. Makes short work of rough paintwork, really makes the colour pop, great reflection. Just remember to protect the paintwork after use with a wax or polish/sealant.