Parcel shelf

Is there a parcel shelf available to cover the folded soft top for when I have the hard top on please? I have a Mk 2 MX5 June 2001. 

Many thanks 

No, there isn’t.

However, you can fit the soft top cover AND the hardtop if you must - I did in my early days of Five ownership.

I wouldn’t recommend it though, as the hardtop fitting will eventually punch two 5-6mm holes through the soft top cover, one either side.

They won’t show though … until you come to remove the hardtop and want to use the soft top cover as intended.

If you don’t mind that, or obtain two soft top covers, one for use with and the other without the hardtop, it is do-able.

MM Marketing in the US used to supply a specific cover to be fitted when using the hard top:

Unfortunately, I think they have ceased trading.

Another defunct company did a similar cover, but maybe they used the same supplier.

I suppose you could just buy a spare hood cover, and just eat the resulting damage.

A Miata owner modified such a cover:

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Also see:

for details of the cover that used to be on sale. You can see it had a padded liner.

Thank you saz99 for this helpful information. I think I may make one