Passenger seat runner getting very hot!

After a short trip home this week from work, my girlfriend picked up her handbag out of the passenger footwell and noticed it felt warm. She felt around and the passenger seat runner, and in particular the bolt that attaches it to the floor, felt hot.

Is this a known issue, or has a heat shield of some sort come away??

 As you sit in the car, is it the right hand side runner or the left?  I will take note next time I am out in my car and check my runners. This is a new problem I haven’t read about before, hope it is not serious.

You probably just need to replace the gear lever boots. If they are split then the heat from the exhaust will be coming into the cabin around the gear lever area. Not sure why that bolt in particular is hot though.

You’ve not said what type of car you have - is it a 20 year old MK1, or a 20 hour old MK3.5?

It is normal on MK1s & 2s for the left handside of the centre console and passenger footwell area to get warm, and it is logical that the runner will get hot as well (being metal), but I couldn’t say just how hot.

As you sit in the passenger seat, it’s the bolt at the end of the right runner.

.The car is a 2001 Mk2.5 1.8i Sport. If others can confirm that they have this happen on theirs of a similar model then I guess it’s not a fault as such, it’s just strange to imagine it’s normal. I don’t think you could hold your finger on it for long, unless you like pain!