Past Event: Go Bowling social 3rd February 2019

This is the Norfolk Fives first social event of 2019.

Social details

Date: 3rd February 

Address: 10 Barnard road, Norwich, NR5 9JB

Arrival: 10.45 for 11.00 start 

The plan

We have 20 spaces available for 2 games and you get a choice of a free drink as well. Arrival time will be 10.45 to start bowling at 11.00. This gives us chance for everyone to get those snazzy bowling shoes sorted and we can get you booked on lanes (with or without bumpers if needed).
Please register below as we only have 20 spaces 
The cost for bowling is £11.00 per person.
This is a great event to start the year off and get everyone together again while your fives are tucked away. Also a great chance to see who has some bowling skills or not so much.
Many thanks Chris and look forward to seeing you.

  1. Chris

  2. Katie

  3. Ian

  4. Tony Harris 

  5. Michelle 

  6. Dave

  7. Janet 

  8. Paul G

  9. Lisa

  10. Paul guest 

  11. Jilly

  12. Phil

  13. Rowner 



If you can’t hear a pin drop, then something is definitely wrong with your bowling. Please add me to the list.





Please add me to the list chris

Hi Tony 

you are now on the list, look forward to seeing you Chris 


Hi Ian 

its been a while i don’t think many pins will be falling.

ive now added you to the list.

Many thanks Chris 



Hi Chris.   Can you please add me and Janet  to the bowling list.   Many thanks.  Dave

Hi Chris can you pop me down for 3 spaces

Hi Paul

i have now added you and Lisa and 1 space to the list.

many thanks Chris and look forward to seeing you.


Hi Dave

i have now added you and Janet to the list. will be a fun day and you shouldn’t get lost 

Many thanks Chris 


Can you put my name down please. Thanks Jilly ??

list has now been updated we have seven spaces left at present. 

Many thanks Chris 

Hi chris, am really sorry I won’t be able to go bowling - got a flipping chest infection and feeling ill . Hope everyone has a great time and if you have had to pay a deposit and need some dosh from me let me know.


Jilly ??