Paypal still not working for me any advice I only want one ticket Help…


Hi Ted,

We have been unable to get the Payal gateway to accept the free ticket ‘only’ transaction. If you add anything else to the basket it works fine, however it is something to do with a postal only transaction not working with Paypal
We have tried at length to get this working

There are 2 alternative options for a member ticket;

Online - use the other store checkout option and use a credit or debit card on the Sagepay gateway to put through the transaction.

Offline - use the SAE option as per the booking form in STHT. If you have disposed of your booking form cover sheet email store[at] and will email you a copy of the form.



Just used it to order my tickets for Brooklands…everything working fine…


it is only an issue when there is only a member ticket and nothing else in the basket, your order included other items so it worked fine as soon as there is another item in the basket.



Not only can you not use PayPal, when I try to order it comes as total to pay of £2.50; I don’t mind paying £1 for the ticket delivery, but why the additional £1.50?

Hi Chris,

I looked into your order and I don’t know what has happened, or what has been added to the basket to upset it with what has gone through - or not as is the case!

but you have managed to do something I have not seen before or been able to replicate…!

I can see that you put it through twice or attempted and it has then deducted somehow £1.50 from the price ticket wen the discounted has applied and added this value as a subtotal? I think this must be a local cache issue because you have tried twice to put it through and one confuses the other?


But as above it will not go through as Paypal will not process a P&P only transaction, I have confirmed there is no way around this and I am unable now to change the system to put the ticket through as 1p and postage as 99p because of the volume of existing orders.

If you would like to try to use a debit card and the sagepay system please could you clear all the basket items before proceeding? or drop me an email at store[at] and we can sort out over email





Charge 1p for the “free” ticket, reduce the postage by 1p is it is an issue.

Remember that PayPal makes a 20p transaction charge plus the 3.4%. You need to cover that.