Peaks and Pennines Chatsworth

 We are overwhelmed by all the favourable comments and congratulations you have all posted about our first attempt at organising a rally.

we thank you all in return, and are so happy you all had such a good time, after all that was our intention.

for those of you who are into statistics etc, the numbers we have so far are

Saturday runs combined 160+

Saturday Pie N Peas      360

Attendance Sunday App min 1100 plus, not counting stragglers throughout the day

we will hopefully have a more accurate count when we have the aerial photos taken by BRYN with his radio controlled glider

once again from all of us at Peaks and Pennines thank you for coming and enjoying it so much

you were most welcome, it was our pleasure



Superb organisation all round. Just can’t fault anything about the day. I only realised how wet my jacket was when I put it in the boot at the end of the day. I had been so busy having a wonderful day that I hardly noticed the rain. Whoever came up with the idea of the first aid kits deserves a medal. So much better than a plaque or key ring. Can’t thank you all enough for a fantastic day out and for all the new friends I made on the day.


Completely agree with Paul- the first aid kit was a stroke of genius!!

I had a fab time, regardless of weather- despite the light drizzle my little SWM convoy arrived without their roofs early on, and were some of the last to leave the field- I think we were the last group to leave. It was a brilliant day!  We also had a lot of fun driving round some of your routes on Saturday afternoon, and shared a pub with some guys from the south east on Saturday night!

A huge thanks from me for all of your hard work!



 Maybe a stupid question but I was late getting there…   was the ‘goodie bag’ the first aid kit??

Not exactly… the First Aid kit was in the goodie bag Cool