Pedestrian safety system

If this has been activated what needs to be replaced ?Active Bonnet issue?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __
  2. I’m based near: __
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __

Lots of money back into your bank account.

I thought that showed the requirements and price?

Off the top of my head, bonnet, hinges, bumper, front panel, bonnet actuators, active bonnet control module.

Went over a cattle grid yesterday,not fast,no front impact but it went off :triumph:

I would try for a warranty claim, I would suggest that it should not go off under those conditions. Other than that, it unfortunately looks like an insurance claim as the cost is likely to be high.
Do let us know how you resolve this.

Yeh I thought that but at nearly 5yrs old and over 50k I don’t think they will do much !

It would cost nothing to ask especially if you have a full Mazda dealer service record.
I do hope good fortune comes your way.

I rang customer services but they won’t comment till a dealer has looked at it !

Hi Steve sorry to hear this! Hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Thanks mate,wondering what’s best to do !

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Where can you source resistors to bypass the system ?

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If you do bypass the system, make sure to inform your insurers.

And if you are ever unfortunate enough to hit a pedestrian in the future, and it results in injury or death which would have been prevented by the system, I trust that your conscience would be able to handle it.

That’s what’s stopping me,if it works that well why is it not fitted for the US market I wonder ?

They’re not required under US law, they are under EU and UK law and to immobilise the system is therefore an offense and if you did happen to seriously injure or kill someone then I’m thinking you’d end up in jail.

Yeh,just frustrating not knowing why ,I would be too nervous to remove
Not all cars have the system though ?

Not all cars have the engine so close to the bonnet. The purpose of the system is to increase the space between the bonnet and the engine so as the bonnet deforms when the pedestrian lands on it, they don’t come into contact with rock hard engine components.


Thanks Robbie! Beat me to it!