Pershore Plum Festival - Monday 29th August - Deadline for booking 30 June 2022

Deadline for booking expired. I have today completed a group booking form with organisers for event passes for members listed below. I will keep you updated upon receipt and will advise distribution instructions.

This event has been attended in the past and is an enjoyable event with something for everyone. Link to the event web site

South West Midlands area have booked into the classic car display area. We have been allocated up to 30 cars.

I will arrange a single area application and distribution of car passes prior to the event. You need to make a £8 payment direct as follows:
Make a BACS Transfer of £8 per car to Pershore Abbey:
Barclays Bank, Sort Code:20 98 61; Ac name: PERSHORE PAROCHIAL CHURCH;
Ac number: 00695416
ID code=CC one initial and your surname NWM - example CCADaleNWM

You must let me know you have paid and send me your ID code.

I will update this forum post if we get close to the 30 car maximum, so please check back before you make payment.
DEADLINE for booking 30th June, or when maximum car limit reached.

Jim and Dawn
Mike and Margaret
Neil and Deb
John and Hilary
Ben and Marg
Ian and Sue
Phil and Josie
Terry and Kelly
Carole and Friend
Phil and Charlotte
Gary and Sue
Mark and Lisa
Chris and Christine
Libby and Barry
Markus and Samantha

Hi Dawn
Please put Deb &I on the list. I’ll let you know when I’ve paid.
I know John & Hilary want to come too.

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Hi Dawn & Jim,
Please book us on, money and info on way in a few minutes.
Ben & Marg

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Hi Jim & Dawn,
Info as requested, ID Code =CCBJonesNWM, £8 paid via supplied details 5 mins ago.

Regards Ben

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Please add Ian & Sue McHattie to the list.
ID Code to follow.


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Please add Phil and Josie
ID Code CCJHarding
Ps have paid

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Hi Dawn
Thanks for arranging this.

Please could you add Terry & Kelly to the list for this event. I will complete payment. Thank you.

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Once you have made your payment please let me know your ID code

Jim Keeley

Hi Jim, my id is CCTOldhamNWM

Hi Dawn and Jim

Please include me, plus friend, for the Plum Festival.



Hi Dawn and Jim,

I have done a bank transfer for £8. My ID is:

PPF Jenkinson 2022

Carole Jenkinson

I forgot to put NWM on the end of of my ID.

Bank transfer done at 19:50
Monday 23 June 2022.

Carole Jenkinson 45170

Confused now! So what is your id? Should have been CCCJenkinsonNWM

Get it right!!!


Hi Jim

Just paid using CCPJacksonNWM

Phil & Charlotte

Hi Jim and Dawn

Just paid ref CCMWarwickNWM

Thanks very much

Markus and Samantha

Thanks for letting me know

Jim Keeley

Hi Jim / Dawn, hope u are now both feeling better. Blasted Covid…
just got round to paying this. I like to run the deadline close. Ref CCMReevesNWM.

Thanks Mark

Hi there Ian,
Cant find you id code for Pershore Plum? Can you let me know soonest because need to send off for all event passes.

Jim Keeley