pershore plum festival

Hi Everyone

Just been looking at the n/w mids site and apparently there are still places left for the plum festival [as of 2 days ago].  It really is a good day out with loads to see and do, craft market,boat rides loads of classic cars or you can just picnic by your car and show it off to the many visitors and it only costs £4 to show your car!!


Karen and Dave

Hi Karen

Would have loved to come. But we are on grandparents duties and taking the grandsons on holiday that week.


Have a great time.

John and Michele


Is anyone going from NEM? Do you want to drive down together?

Proberly meet at Hinckley island 

Hi All 

Hinckley island sounds good to me and Cath. I will call Ian and meet him at Mcdonalds on marketon island and drive to Hinckley with Ian. 

I assume the same time as last year. 


Looking forward to Pershore 

According to our pass the gates open at 9am cannot remember what time we met last year? I will have a good look for pubs tonight a guy who works with me mentioned the norton grange pub it is a marstons pub he said it was good when he went a couple of weeks ago. Reviews on trip adviser look a bit mixed though!

A lot of the pubs around there seem to do arty farty fancy food but i have had a bit of a look around and The old red horse in the town centre evesham seems to do more traditional grub, [cannot find menu but pics look good] reviews look good also, but we will have to find parking.

Over to you guys if you can see a better option 

Cheers Dave

Hi Karen and Dave 

Just had a look on Google maps and the pub looks great. 

Sorry for late reply. 

David and Cath 

which one dave?

Are you all in car park a or b


Hi Dave, 

whichever pub you decide we‘re In…

Picnic gate is on… 


Sandy and Claire

Hi Karen 

Probably the Marstons the pub 

Will get Cath to call you after she finishes work. 


Hi guys our ticket says car park entrance B
cheers Dave

We don’t have tickets so will just follow you guys ??

If any of you have Not got tickets please let me have names and I will pass on, you will then get your tickets on the way in.

Hi Mal,
i do not have tickets. Ian Baines 1992 MK1 K568 BTF
Regards Ian.

Hi Mal 

I don’t have a ticket David Sherratt. 

Which entrance will we be able to collect the tickets from. 


Regards Dave 

I don’t have a ticket 

claire Purnell

Mk2.5 ND03 OFR


Follow the signs and all the other cars, the cars on display will all be going the same way. Names passed on.

I was looking forward to this and booked my car in months ago but never got a replycar is in bits now so unable to make it have a good day all and I hope the sun shines for you.



I think everyone enjoyed the day [we certainly did] thanks all for coming.

PS Sandy and Claire walked the best picnic set up!!! this time!!!

Cheers Dave and Karen