Phone Holder for MX-5 Niseko - found one that works!

At last! Despaired of finding a phone holder that would work with the slightly rounded dash of my MX-5 2008 Niseko but success at last! Got the Arteck Car Mount (ref S056) from Amazon and stuck it to the mount a couple of evenings before a week down in Cornwall with the Niseko. First good sign was it was still there the next morning, and best of all is still there 5 weeks later - yahoo! Yes, it is on the rounded bit of the dash, no, I’ve had no problems at all, yes, it holds my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) very nicely. It isn’t obstructing my sight lines, it isn’t ugly, and it has good hold and swivel - I’m very impressed and very happy. And only £8 :slight_smile: Would gladly recommend to any other phone holder searchers. Hopefully this a link to it on Amazon UK:

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Took me a while to think through the “infinite angels” - thought it was heavenly help…


Every few months, I take a look at the products and accessories tests on the AutoExpress website.
They had tested various phone holders and their fave was an Olixar.
It actually has stayed stuck to the top of the dash and holds my phone via a plate stuck to the back of the phone with the holder being magnetic.
Cost a few pounds and works a treat