Photography Locations

Where are the best locations in and around our Oxford Area to take photos of your MX-5

Style or Type of Photographs I am thinking are like the ones often seen in Magazines, Posters, Calendars or Desktop Wallpaper etc…


If you are prepared to venture about 40 minutes into Gloucestershire, you’ll be spoilt for choice in and around villages such as Southrop, Eastleach, Coln St Aldwyn and Hatherop especially in a month or so when the daffodils start flowering.

And if you see a grey NC, wave as it will probably be me 

Mollies Diner on the A420 at Buckland.  It’s new - the red neon is fantastic :slight_smile:

EDIT: also, White Horse Hill for some incredible vistas… navigate to SN7 7QJ

that’s my area - luvverly it is. You might well see a dark green eunos or be blitzed by a red ducati 996 - don’t let that put you off!