Photos And Thanks

 Thanks to Jill And Burton for getting this fantastic event organised.

When I first heard (nearly 2 years ago) that they wanted to host at Chatsworth I was a bit dismayed  at another country house venue…

But I was wrong the central location near a major Motorway seemed to have drawn in the masses, My guestimate 900 - 1000 cars

plenty of trader, varied activities and good food…not your usual flacid burger and cold chips Made this one of the best ive been to.


Thanks must go to the main team also for sorting the judging criteria out  I matched my spec sheet to the forms that were printed in Augusts STHT

and left it in my windscreen for all to see and it was good to see the guidelines on the back of the boards marking each catergorie

Thanks to all the people who came up and had a chat…some of them having had rides out at various tracks over the last 2 years…


Well photos

Showing the increasing level of care given to some of the “Best kept”


The Over Flow section

At times we had great weather for Ducks our feathered friends showed and interst in the cars !!


ZooM ZooMing in on my car


Red arses together !


If you see me or my car at a track …please feel free to come up and blag a pass lap


Thanks again



Thanks for the photo’s. I was so looking forward to attending, it would have been my first club event. On Saturday night one of our servers went “belly up”, most of Sunday was spent at work. Once again, thanks for the piccy’s.

Great pics Alan, sounds like a cracker of an event

Definitely, a big thanks (diolch yn fawr) to the organisers.
Great shots, Alan.

Just for you

Big Smile

Congratulations Alan on your well deserved win, some really great photo’s you have there especially the lonesome Red Mk1 in Best Kept.

Great event all.


Anyone got a shot showing all the cars including the side car park - could have done with an aerial shot!  I’m trying to get across the sheer number of Mazdas in one place to one of the US forums…!

 thanks for all the positive feedback and yes there were aerial shots taken will post them soon as i have them


My attempt at photo taking.

And a panorama attempting to get all cars in.


Anyone know the owner of the red Mk 1 roadster with white stripes.


my google skillz say Richard Smith from Chesterfield. he’s on forums…

nice pictures, shame its so far away D:


 couple more photo’s

A bit late in the day, and for some reason, I didn’t take many this year, but here are some random shots

 Never late AT , there are some great shots of the roadsters that owners use, thats where the interest is for me,in the car parks to see what owners have done to theirsThumbs up

Excellent AT! Thumbs up

Ooooh, what’s that vented lid on the black one?  That’s nicer than all the other styles of lid I’ve seen…

Probably a copy of a Dcuatro lid; long out of production.

You can buy this Kiwi copy:


Price is in NZ$

Terrific photo’s