Photos and video from today!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the National Rally such a fun day!  Well worth the sunburn :slight_smile:

Ten photos from the Rally at Just 10 Photos…  enjoy!

A couple of videos of the cone course too - 


Fantastic. Thanks for posting. 


I couldnt make make it today but wish I’d had a chance to show my (lack of) skill on the grass course!



Thanks Kam.

The cone course did look great fun… I wimped out, knowing my luck I’d somehow trash my car.

Yes, it was a brilliant day with the weather delivered as requested by the organisers, many thanks to all for their hard work in making it such a success.

I hope you don’t mind me adding a few photos to this thread too.

There were just a few MX-5s lined up in the field; four photos stitched together for this panorama

panoramic view of the masses of MX-5s at Kelmarsh

And behind us overlooking the festivities was Kelmarsh Hall itself

Kelmarsh Hall

And then of course there was the jousting, here the Black Knight shatters his lance with a direct hit

A hit, a palpable hit!

And is driven away in victorious style on only the best charger of the lot,

Victory drive for the Black Knight



Great pic of my green sports black peter

Thanks for the great photos guys - it was a lovely sunny day for us,lots of nice MX5s to see and the knights did a fab. display for us all

@Marshal and Heather - If you want the original full sized photo drop me a PM.  And if you ever want to sell the car… me first, me first! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the organisers; great turnout. A few more pics from Kelmarsh…

MX-5 Rally Kelmarsh Hall 2015

MX-5 Rally Kelmarsh Hall 2015

MX-5 Rally Kelmarsh Hall 2015

MX-5 Rally Kelmarsh Hall 2015

MX-5 Rally Kelmarsh Hall 2015

MX-5 Rally Kelmarsh Hall 2015


What was that BMW rep-wagon doing in such a prime position by registration!!!

MX-5 Rally Kelmarsh Hall 2015

My photos from the National Rally are now live :slight_smile:

Please follow this link >> [u]MX5 National Rally - Chris Baker Photography[/u]

I done this pic… 

The Jousting was amazing

Our  very own Mk3 Champion


Unfortunately he didn’t make the final showdown…


The Victor - New Kid on The Block with some wizardry from the Far East…


And the Lap of Honour


My small collection

Got to be said, if this car, with its wonky bonnet, split window seal, dirty interior and creosoted Nardi wheel is worth £4995, then I’m a monkey’s uncle…


Impressive, but why?


I applaud this brass

Did anyone have as much trouble as me finding there car ,I couldn’t really ask anyone if they had seen an mx5