Photos and Video

 Posted up as a slide show


If you want a hires copy of any photo Pm me with a not of the time and I will send you One.


Nice to meet so many people with a real interest in the cars




Good video it summerized everything!

I guess my car has involved in the most number of single car photos (apart from your Japanese flag car)
4:44 - 5:02[A]

Have you got a video of me doing top gear tricks? HA

Does anyone have any photos or vids from Saturday’s track day?




 Coming soon from YR photo blokey… stills from the padock and video from the roll bar… think he’s working today… but they will here ASAP 


 Thanks Alan… sorry about you know what on sunday… link put onto our our yahoo group by big Steve of YR

Hey We all Had a good day and gods own county even beat the weathermen.

Thanks for all of the Yorkshire Ridings Hard work trying to put a rally together that suits all tastes

and succedding on most of them…Pity the track wasn’t full though

Wetherby services Saturday morning

N Irlelands Hot Car winner  Nice reg too

No Chance obeying that sign

Good roads up on the North yokshire Moors

Castle howard (car park)

The main show arena

the car park (late afternoon)


Alan, Helen + George (who was gutted the couldn’t be a passenger on the slalom course)


(that’s not a problem is it?)

And heres another link to the chap who took photos on arrival

(big Steve of YR)


great pics and video alan,  nice music to go with it as well,  i recognised  blade runner but what was the first track, in my ignorance  regards  leemarb

I’ve got 12 randomly taken MX-5 pix here :-

Here is a thumbnail of the Dakota pano I made :-

Full size here :-

Elvington Air Museum pix here :-

Great video
Locke-alike - Thanks


Music Is “Clubbed to death” by Rob D

as used in many films.


Thanks for all the comments


i remember that music from the matrix… thanks for the title now i can aquire the tune for my collection hehe

 Super Vid owner for 2 years but this first event A1 time loved it Dave& Kerry

 being a bit impatient maybe but any news on these yet? All the pics my dad got were a bit shady as he forgot to bring a proper camera and had to use my phone…