Photos by the Dutch

Wonderful weekend, thank you all.

Our photos of the weekend (fri-mon)

Love Ronald

Ps. Did anyone spot  the ´04 Mazdaspeed Miata (Mk2.5) at the Rally?





 Oh yes…I did. I was one of the guys parking/ marshalling the mk2/2.5’s. It was red? {}

Lovely car. I’m after one of those lower rear bumper extensions, but can’t find one. Very jealous {#emotions_dlg.sad}

Great pics…hope you enjoyed your weekend in Kent {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}


Yes, Velocity Red (Mica). I don’t think the ‘diffuser with two ribbles’ can be bought seperately, some guys in Holland want one too, but couldn’t find it.

New avatar, made at the Rally dinner !


Een zeer goede set van foto’s. Hartelijk dank voor de sterke Nederlandse steun, het was leuk om een ??10AE onder uw groep te zien. Het ziet er zoals je had een zeer goede tijd.

Best Wishes from Martin (Derbyshire, Peak District)

Some great pictures there and yes I remember your car. I as the first marshal in the car park.

Great photos, Ronald

Dank u!! Thumbs upRose



mooie reportage van uw fotos Stick Tongue Out  we hebben er ook van genoten , je buur van het avond eten op zondag veilig thuis geraakt ,

lid vlaamse mx5 dgr

 Hi Ronald

I love the new avatar of you, I don’t know if I will be putting my one up on the forum however we could have a posting of everyones caricature drawings they were excellent and some like Martyn’s very rude mmmmm!!!

Now that’s got you intrigued??


Sarah xxxxx