Im trying to put pics  uo on here from my phone and im having luck .

Tried clicking on the link thats in the stickyd thread but its not opening.any mone got any advice.  Thanks 

Have a look in the folder ‘forum rules and FAQ’s’ and select the third thread down ‘photo tutorial 2018’ - this should hopefully help you. 

I rwad that . I dont get the 3 options at the bottom . Do you have to be a paid up member to see them

As a forum member you can add photos as you don’t need to be a OC member. I can’t answer your latest query but hopefully someone will be along soon who can help.

Use Postimage it’s much easier. Open up a separate page on your phone and go to and use the 640x480 option size then upload the image from your phone. All you then do is copy and paste the image into the message box on this forum, simples.

Just tried . Dont get anything that looks like id be able to use on there



Open up Postimage on a separate page/tab, you will see this after selecting the 640x480 size selection.

Then select the image you want to upload on your phone and it should upload. You will have your image there like below.

Once you see the above scroll down under the image and click the blue icon box at the side of the selection “hot link for forums” it should highlight copied see below.

Now paste that into the message box on the forum along with any text you want  to post, job done and you should have an image as below. All done on my phone.


Thanks  a lot jyst tried a random pic.

When i tried last night their pagecwas completely different

Once you’ve done a couple it becomes easier. Tip, just upload them individually if you have a few to do don’t try and do multiple in one hit in other words. Also you can get rid of the spam link under the picture, go to edit in your post and clear it from the end of your pasted picture link.