Pitlochry Spring Rally

Had a great time at the Rally. Arrived Friday and stayed 4 nights at Beinn Bhracaigh, which I can strongly recommend as a wonderful place to stay. The runs were plentiful in the area , although the weather on Saturday wasn’t very friendly. We did the Balmoral run, which was blocked by snow yesterday, so maybe the weather wasn’t that unkind to us. 

Enjoyed the Rally dinner and Ceilidh; talked cars and made new friends. The Rally itself ended under brilliant sunshine with over 300 cars on site and my order at MX5 parts arrived yesterday.

Everyone was so friendly, I haven’t waved to so many people, other Mazda’a and locals alike.

Looking forward to next year already, wherever it will be.




 I agree, it was a good weekend, we didnt do the rally dinner etc as thats not our scene, but we did enjoy the rally day, like you spent a few quid with MX5 parts and enjoyed meeting fellow fivers from all over the country and EU, who for a change gave a wave, a flash of headlights and often both.

However that was short lived as on our way home we saw a number of MX5s, the drivers of which didnt respond to anything we did||