Pop Up HeadlightMain Beam Problem

I have had a 1992 1600 Mk1 MX5 (UK spec.) for a couple of years now, and recently I tried the suggested method to make the headlight work to ‘flash to pass’ by inserting a diode between 2 of the wires at the rear of the inicator switch.

This worked OK in my garage, but later failed to work when driving. Now Pop Ups and all lights work with the exception of the Main Beam, (Stays on Dim) Passing Light and Main Beam Indicator dash light.

I have removed the diode, checked all fuses and  tried substituting the Dim Dip relay HD22 located inside the engine compartment nearest the bulkhead, but no joy. My Haynes book shows a ‘Headlamp Relay’ with 2 Red/Blu, 1 White/Black, and 1 Blu/Yel wires attaching.

I have been unable to find this relay anywhere. Can anyone help me locate this  and ID it’s ref. number. All suggestions to solve this problem woud be much appreciated.

Thank you


UK cars have flash to pass as standard. The Eunos imports do this mod as its not standard on them. You may have had a bad relay to begin with which was not giving you that facility, so you need to check that. The relay is under the bonnet toward the back of the inner wing. It is under a plastic cover and you can disconnect the rear most one so you can run on side lights only without the pop up dim dip. the relay rail unbolts so to make it easy to gain access. Good luck with your checking budThumbs up   ps sorry didnt read your post properly, see now  youv done that allready

Pre-1994 UK cars didn’t have flash to pass.

Didnt know that, cheers for the info. Seem`s like a backward step by Mazda though ? 

Flash to pass was incorporated in to UK cars from May 1st 1990 production (VIN 105747). The cars produced without it should have been reworked by dealers.



Hi, Many thanks for replies.

 My car (registered 1 Jan 1992 therefore built in 1991) was not fitted with ‘flash to pass’ during daylight running, only when headlight on dipped main beam .

Does anybody know the answer to my original question regarding location of the relay wired up as explained in my first mail.


With thanks


What’s your VIN? There are 2 wiring diagrams for the early cars. Does your car have dim dip? That is, do the headlamps illuminate dimly with the side lamps on and the ignition on? If so, do they retract when the ignition is turned off or remain in the open position? Just to confirm terminology, side lamps are the ones in the bumper, dim dip are dipped beam head lamps at a reduced brightness, dipped beam is normal headlamps and main beam is “bright” headlamps.

 Hi Robbie,

Thanks for your response.

My VIN is JMZNA18B200122791 and it does have dim dip .They retract when ignition is switched off or lights are switched off.




Is you car like this?

I think it should have a dim dip relay on the passenger side inner wing with a White, White/Blue, Blue/Yellow and Red/White wire and a head lamp retractor unit behind the dash (above the fuse box) with Red/Yellow, White/Red, Green, Black, White and Red/Blue wires. Does that sound right compared to your car?

 Hello Robbie,


The wiring on my car is exactly as per your previous mail. The RECTA relay is behind the dash. (hard to access !!) and the dim/dip is on passenger side inner wing.



To confirm, the issue you are having is the headlamp flash to pass doesn’t work when the head lamps are off. Do they light up but not pop up?

 I am reading it as low beam is fine but high beam is not ,pop up works, but had a after market mod on flash to pass fitted?



Yes, this is the situation following my own attempt to incorporate ‘Flash to Pass’ mod. using a small diode. (as described in MX5OC forum).

Please ref to my very first notes.



I’m a tad confused by your first notes, for which I apologise. Can you confirm the fault please? Ignoring what you did with the diode, what’s the fault as the car stands?

As far as I can tell, everything is working fine, but main beam doesn’t come on.

Personally, I would get the multimeter out and test for the correct voltages at the bulb connector, the relay, the fuse and the switch… That will pinpoint roughly where the fault lies.

 As said …

Relay,fuse, stalk,conections at the stalk and bulb, break in the wire? or earth, persoanlly i think it is centered around the stalk?


Thanks for advise, but where is the relay hiding ?? My problem is that I can not locate the Headlight relay. Please ref to my first mail.




 Like i posted earlier in this thread?



Was they working before you added the flash to pass mod?