Possible new essex member :)

Hi all!

Could be joining the mx-5 family soon! Have a viewing on a '17 mx5 rf sport nav this weekend!
Going to be quite the car change coming from a Subaru STI :sweat_smile: !
Looking forward to a lot less hassle and running costs!!!

Nick :smiley:


It’s not the running costs, it’s the modification costs that add up!!

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Welcome (maybe ? ) Nick… :sweat_smile:

You got to drive it with the roof down mate unless its chucking it down. The heater in these cars is excellent :joy:

Yeh that’s true :sweat_smile:!

Can’t be any worse than the bloody Scooby though !!

Will be test driving Saturday - really really hoping can get the roof down :rofl:

You never know……:rofl:

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Deposit has been put down, will be collecting the car next Saturday :laughing:!
Super excited to get behind the wheel again

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Here she is!


Nice :ok_hand: