Post your links and pics here!

 Hi all

Just a few photos of the runs up the hill at the national, nice day and a good turn well at least i think!!!

links here on photobucket anybody needs a copy just grab it.

cheers ian

richard on the hill

Nigel on the hill

Bugatti going at it

the guys saying they could do better!!!

Thankyou Ian, with your permission I have ripped-off this photo you took, its a good one for me because the passenger is the cars` previous owner Wink:

Cheers, will PM you my email address in case you are able to send a full definition file over?

Dr. EunosGeek

Thought this would be a good placeholder thread for members to post their links to galleries here, saves trawling all of the other regional threads for pics!


Mods, feel free to delete if you don’t want this etc!

 good idea, you beat me to it… Thumbs up photos and links all in this thread please…Big Smile

found this one in the Thank You thread, rather like it, can’t think why…! Wink


 Great day, here’s a few pics. Number plates have been smudged to protect the guilty…Wink

There’s a few more here…

Paul Saunders` photos are now up here Thumbs up

 Here are a few non specific ones of the day. Dont know how to obscure number plates so have not included any individual owners cars. If the general concensus is it is ok to post with number plates showing then I will. I only took about twenty, and they are not brilliant but they might be a reminder of the day to someone.

I was hoping to find one of my hill run on here (as it was difficult to photograph myself) but not appeared yet. So if anyone took a picture of a 1991 yellow Mk 1 please post.

Great day. Thanks to all who organised.

Hehe I was happy to see two clean green 2.5s, mine usually has a DPM style paint job Wink

I’ll be lazy and just copy a few of my pics from the other thread (and add a few more for effect)




















thank you, we both worked hard to get and keep them like that, Big Smile

love the pitcrew, but thats cause its mine lol 

Let`s not forget to upload your videos to YouTube to shareThumbs up

What a great day out! We really enjoyed ourselves, and there was more than enough to do. Well done to the organisers for their amazing work!

Here is a compilation of my 3 runs up the hill as filmed onboard my Mk1:

 A great and surpising event.!

Maybe being turned down for the hill climb when there where places left put my nose out, But when they opened it up I took UMA out anyway and yes I went for it with 2 sub 55 second runs acording to the GPS logger today

I was taking Orchard corner in 3rd and was just snatching 3rd for a short distance between Ettores and Pardon hairpin. I enjoyed it and I think my passengers did aswellBig Smile.



Ayway onto things that wont get me grief. The car competions were good and I enjoyed my time judging the HOT car class and talking to the owners…But please can we have a few more entries.

And to the proud winner …look after that shield…I’ve had it for 2 year and was Cry to see it Go.


Helen and I were out and about taking photos on the Hill. We are still getting used to the camera our first DSLR But what follows is a small selection of the 300+ photos we took.

If you want Hi Res version of these or any other we have dop me a PM with an email addres.



Mr OC Motosport (think that Obsesive Compulsive)

MR Mazda On Track showing us how it should be done…Sorry Nick …couldn’t resist !!!

Mazda Mender goes for a spin…Oi Wayne get back fixing stuff Wink

Dan Kent looking  coooooooollllllll

Skir 67 showing the concentration

A bit of oposite lock??

Old and mighty

away from the track

Tim Lane, hopefully not putting his amazing bars to the test

Jon Smith having a free ride

Uma’s 5th nation Rally she’s done a lot of hard miles since her forlorn appearance in the carpark at Gaydon in 2007 but she soon emerged as a beautifull buterfly at Haynes in 2008. A bit less so now…look closley at the nearside bumperRolling eyes


May she and the OC’s interest in all thing fast continue to grow.








I managed to get out in one at this event, thanks to Lazza and his very very nice supercharged 1.8 Mk 2.5.


Firstly; what an absolutely BRILLIANT event, even got to meet Geoff W!!!

A few from the Mission Motorsport camera…

The OC Chairman ensures MM driver Gaz Dunning is having fun:

What happens when an MM driver runs out of passengers, iPhone ‘Top Gear challenge’ immediately takes all his attention…

When Charles, the very kind owner of the Bugatti and Aston Martin, offered Mission Motorsport two free rides, we thought it only right and fair that the future of the Club take them…

The Help 4 Heroes chaps shared the stand, and enjoyed a run up’t hill too.

Not only have TR Lane supported us throughout our young Charity life so far, TR Lane jnr also sold ‘Mission Motorsport friendship bands’ during the day; Jon humbly accepting £42 from her at the end of the day.

And finally, after 700-odd miles this weekend, the only thing that could prize Lou and I out of bed this morning:

For anyone joining us on the MX-5 OC stand at Silverstone next weekend for the 24hr race, there will be plenty of this to go around and I promise you, it’s better than any coffee you’ve tried to date, and helps support us too!!!

Thank you again to everyone that made this weekend such an incredible experience Salute


That was huge amounts of fun! Congratulations to everyone that had a hand in organising the event I didn’t even mind coming flat last in the concours Angel

Here’s my version of James May doing a hill climb: YouTube Link

(I dont know how to do a youtube embed. Any hints?)

I should add that a tweaked version of my hill run (with my fat belly in prime view!) is available at

Had quite a lot of comments from people seeing the car with the GoPro cameras mounted on it!

 Stood at the bottom of the hill for about an hour - got pix of about 50 cars - see here:

Trevor Rudkin