Posts need approval of a moderator?

After six years of membership why suddenly to my posts need approval?

That’s usually to check comments on for sale posts, to stop discussions filling the post up.

Unfortunately, some posts were made in for sale ads that had the effect of derailing a sale.

Ok understand, just trying to clarify if it will fit and cost of p&p.
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I can understand that, I am now try to pay the seller for an item to be told that the post must be approved yet again.
More delays.
Dave :confused:

Best option for negotiating a sale is to use the Personal Message (PM) option rather than toing and froing in a forum thread.

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I dropped my paid subscription to the OC site after having my posts censored.
I was told that certain words, although not offensive, were going to be censored.
Thought I had just woken from a dream where I lived in China…

I just signed up, but there is no way for me to create a thread.
The New Topic button is greyed out, which is where I think you create new thread’s .
(Sorry for the hijack) .

And now I can!
After posting above, the New Topic button became active.
All ok now.

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