Potential ND purchase

My sister in law is after an ND she asked me for advice , can anyone tell me from what year was the dodgy gearbox sorted and are the clonking rear bushes improved on later NDs . I know they will go rusty but she lives in Spain so should not be a big issue

Gearbox was never really sorted, they got up to version 5. I think the problem might be a bit overstated for regular users anyway. On the ND2 model (2018 onwards I believe, the facelift) a dual mass flywheel was fitted to reduce the load on the transmission. Note the gearbox issue only seems to affect 2.0, if she’s not a fast driver she should get the 1.5L as this has no issues with the gearbox.

Clonking rear bushes never resolved to my knowledge, Mazda recently issued a TSB about it but not sure if a redesigned part has made it to any vehicles yet. Fix is to get polybushes fitted, but it’s not cheap.

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Thanks for that I’ll see if I can find out what the tsb said about the bushes :+1:

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