Power wash/steam clean engine and engine bay any tips?

Hi i want to give my engine and engine bay a good old clean…ive got a karcher power washer is there any 

Thing i need to cover up whilst i do this? And reccomended cleaning products?? And any nice bling sprays to put on after its dryed n that? Complete novice of this so any info is gratfull 


Many thanks

Best tip I can think of is to wrap carrier bags around anything that has wires and then tape them in place with electrical tape. And to be doubly safe don’t direct the spray at the bags.

You should also use some de-greaser first and work it in to loosen everything up as otherwise the washer will just spray water and do little else.

One tip…don’t do it. A pressure washer will create havoc amongst all the electrical systems. Just use some traffic film remover and a small hand spray or a gentle garden hose jet. Use a brush to get into the nooks and crannies. Be gentle…


Jizer or Gunk in a hand spray, a gentle brush and then rinse with warm water, being careful to avoid any electrics and you’ll end up with this…

bloody hell, that’s a dazling Cool & brilliant engine bay.

well done sir. Thumbs up

I also am very impressed. I’m not sure I would have had the nerve to use a jetwash on my engine bay but having seen that I know I won’t be using one now.

Looks amazing that wher do u get the blue pipes etc also which ignition leads are u using?? 

Pipes from MX5 Parts, leads Magnacor.

Thanks for the nice comments.

Your engine looks brilliantCool

My low-tech approach has always been (starting with a lukewarm engine)

  1. Cover air intake and brake/clutch reservoirs

  2. Spray on a whole can of Gunk

  3. Wait a bit

  4. Hose it off thoroughly.

  5. Remove plastic bags and dry visible parts of HT system (it’s rare for water to get down the spark plug wells, but check)

  6. Start engine and drive until dry.

Never had a problem with the electrics.  12V can’t get through water; the problem is only that water can cause connections to corrode and lose contact, but as long as you don’t leave it wet for days, it should be OK.

Personally i’d never use a jet washer for under bonnet cleaning, when i did mine last some bilt hamber surfex hd a good variety of brushes and a open hose did the job perfectly!

A friend thought it would be a good idea to pressure wash his company cars engine as it had been used for agricultural visits. He set about pressure washing, -the results looked great until he did the radiator area -it blew the aluminium cores straight out .ruining the rad. So I would avoid pressure washing the engine bay.  It was difficult to explain to the lease company…

 thats brill did you polish cylinder head?

Just for the record, a jet washer will destroy the matrix in a radiator and an intercooler.