Power Window conversion recommendations

Hey guys,
looking at converting my manual crank windows to electric. was looking at the Moss Europe kit linked below but I’m not sure if there are better kits out there or if they are all roughly the same. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Fairly easy and cheap to pick up the OEM parts you need secondhand

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The motors are usually good quality Bosch units. The supplied switches look like something from a mid-90s Seat when I fitted a set to replace worn out Mazda parts back in the day. Used parts tend to be overpriced, and you never know if the cables are on their last legs.

that’s what I was thinking hence wanting to try and go down the new parts route given I’d at least have some reliability guaranteed for the money. sounds like the kit is as good as any other options or kits out there?

Lots of other kits. Avoid the ones that use worm drive rather than cables, as the worm drive can corride and seize.