Powered Hardop Emergency Toolkit

Hi Folks

New to the forum and new to MX-5 ownership, just picked up a 2.0 2009 Mk3.5 with the powered roof today.


Car seems great, but looking round it I seem to missing the little toolkit that’s mentioned for manually raising the roof in an emergency. My guess is a Mazda dealer would want ££ for this, just wondered if there was an alternative source, or maybe instructions to make up a DIY equivalent ?


Hopefully I will not need it, but you never know!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You’ve probably seen the sketch in your hand book of the emergency kit, it basically comprises of a long reach Allen key, a long reach eye bolt and a couple of pieces of cord.

If you want to make a kit up and live anywhere near Reading, you are welcome to take measurements from my kit. Alternately  you might get a kit from a breakers yard.

Have a look at this link:-  https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=392593


Meanwhile, operate your roof until the cover has moved up and back over the boot and switch off your ignition. Peer in at the cover hinges and you will see a silver/chrome headed Allen bolt. Check the bolt on both sides and make sure they are nice and tight. Also check the cogs in the hinge mechanism have lube on the teeth.



Hi Jules and welcome

What Richard says, and also to add I’ve read the emergency instructions several times and still have no idea how I’d use my roof kit if it stuck!

Fingers crossed all ok so far.

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Thanks for the advice. Hopefully will not be needed, as you say the instructions are clear as mud!

I managed to find an extra long 4mm hex key on amazon and have a friend with a lathe who can put an M6 thread on a long 6mm steel rod, which seems to meet the description of the tools I found. With some added bits of nylon cord that should do & cheaper than the £120 official mazda kit!

1 off 4mm allen key

3m of 4 mm dia nylon rope/cord

1 off 150mm x M6 threaded eye bolt

Eyebolt here


Drumtochty, you are a star! Eyebolt ordered from EBay. Cheers


Drumtochty is absolutely right. Eyebolt from EBay and plenty of long Allen keys and cord on Amazon. All purchased for less than £30, which is better (and much faster delivery) than the £116 quoted by the local Mazda dealer parts dept, whose man was clearly embarrassed by that price.

The Forum is clearly the place for everything. Thanks to Drumtochty again.

I have an original Mazda, unopened, tool kit if anyone wants the pucker item.

I no longer have a powered roof.

Interesting eaa53 that you no longer have a powered roof. Is there something we innocent powered-roof owners should know?!

If I could have transferred the power roof over to my project car I would have done but cutting the tops of the wings off and welding it all back together was a lockdown job too far.

As it was the Sport donated A/C, ABS pump, engine, master cylinder and DSC switch and all the wiring looms to make it all work so sorry no powered roof now… but its gone to a good home in Surrey, well done Allen… and most of my pile of plastic from the powered roof doner also went the same way.


Can I ask what price you want?

I have not though too far ahead when I put the comment up, make me an offer that covers postage costs I guess of £5 and if needed any fees incurred by PayPal transaction.

I am not expecting £100 but would decline £10 somewhere in the middle and fair to you.

What’s it worth to you is the real question.

Call me if you choose to talk it over.


Thanks for getting back to me, sorry if not replied sooner, new on site.
Have managed to sort something out but thanks again for your input.