Looking for thoughts of any past or present powershift owners.
Toying with the idea of getting one as I could do use a auto but most of the reviews aren’t very kind of the auto box.

You can still have a lot of fun in a Powershift :sun_with_face:

I’m not sure which reviews are negative or what they’re comparing against.

My wife had a 2.0L Powershift MX-5 as a company car for over four years - absolutely fabulous. We had only had it for three weeks, when we took it to the south of France on holiday - two weeks touring around with the lid off - great stuff.
I suppose whether or not you like an auto MX-5 probably depends on what you want the car for. OK, so blasting around a track is probably not going to cut it, but for touring effortlessly with the top down on long hot summer days, I don’t think there is anything better for the price.

I’ve had one for about 6 months now.

97% of the time I’m so pleased it’s auto. The other 3% I’d prefer a manual. It’s only when you want to wind it up and have a bit of a blast between a few corners that you feel a little less in control.

Economy is about 35mpg - I do mainly 50 mile commutes in it and the odd short journey (it’s a second car). A manual would be a bit better on the juice.


Thanks for the replies :+1:
I had a little run in one the other day and it was a lovely car very smooth and quiet. I wasn’t that keen on the fully auto but found the semi auto quite responsive.
Going to have another run out soon and stretch its legs abit.