PRHT Mk3 Leak Advice Needed

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2006 Mk3
  2. I’m based near: Portsmouth/ Midhurst
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on:

My 2006 Mk3 NC with the power retractable hard top has developed a leak, probably from jet washing but possibly something else. Would be great to have some advice about what it may be, and how to fix it/ get it fixed. Some clues…

  • It leaks in two places when it rains; under the sun visor on the passenger side, and also lower around the fuse box.
  • The windscreen has a few chips and is the original from 2006 as far as I’m aware.
  • Where the front of the roof meets the windscreen has developed a creaking when driving enthusiastically.

Would really appreciate any advice or recommendations!


Search scuttle grommets NC for your leak around the fuse board. You do mean the fuse board interior at the base of the passenger A pillar?
A matter of urgency you get those grommets sealed as it can cause electrical problems.
The header rail rubber seals can be cleaned and treated with rubber seal spray, sometimes a good old clean is all that’s needed. There is some adjustment in the locating pegs either side of the roof, check for perished rubbers too. That last bit could cure your leak and creak there.

Btw it’s a no no to jet washing the roof, you will have problems with forcing water in past the seals.:-1:


This covers the grommets.

I’d check the roof seal. The roof latch might need tightening up. You will get the occasional creek from the roof. Silicone rubbed on the seals can help.
I’d try to eliminate the windscreen rubber as being a cause - maybe spraying water with the roof down and towels in place!

The roof creaks everyone thta i have been in creaks. The passenger visor has two screws inside also.

Also whats your rubber care like? Do you clean or gummi them? i open my roof half way and detail the seal and vaseline / gummi the seals.

I have installed new solid door bushings to aid the creaking and solid up the frame.


This should help with the grommets :-

It’s in the clubs download pages.

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Thanks very much everyone, been blessed by this hot weather recently but will try these fixes next. I’ll replace the windscreen as it’s chipped and insured anyway, grommets have arrived and will silicone the seals too. And no more jet washing…