Price comparison for general service parts

Hi Guys, I have just had a failed water pump so buying parts to undertake a full service on my 1990 Mk1.  Thought parts would be generally the same price but apparently not, so I geeked up and did a comparison.  Here is how four companies faced against each other:


Please note this does not take into account shipping charges. Also I am not putting any companies down here, this is all free information available on the internet. I just hope its of use to some people and if you know anywhere else to look for parts let me know! 





Richard the totals are not comparing eggs with eggs, as not all vendors have prices on each line.

Can I suggest you remove the totals as they cannot be compared and people may think they are comparing the same things and they are not.


Triple post

Just ignore the total line. At the end of they day people have different requirements. I just put some work in to see the price differences for myself and thought I would share. 

Best to shop around.I recently bought a 2006 MX5 1.8 which had the horrible plastic gear knob.Replacement leather gear knob from MX5 parts was £60 but the same gear knob from Mazda was £36.I’m not complaining about MX5 parts who carry a great range of MX5 parts and gifts and have bought items from them previously and will use them again but sometimes Mazda UK are cheaper