Prince Philip Has Died


RIP Sir.


A great Character, who will be sadly missed by all, especially for his wit and straight talking :frowning_face:


Much respected, nothing PC, loyal, honest and straightforward. RIP Sir, indeed!

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Hear hear !

He’s seen some massive changes during his long life , he deserves a rest …RIP

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Imagine just missing out on your telegram when your own missus is the queen!


It’s a real shame I really liked him. I wonder if his funeral will have to comply with covid restrictions?

Nice bloke, but the BBC’s fawning is just appalling, looks like we’ll have weeks of this.

Dear old Nick the Greek would not have approved.


Fawning over the Royals, that doesn’t sound like the BBC.

A war hero and an amazing man, I think we can say “A life well lived”.

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And they’ve taken Sara Cox off her drivetime show tonight

Cant all be bad then :grinning: RIP Phill

Our thoughts are with the Queen today, and only her frankly.
He was sent home recently to fade with dignity, looked worn out in that car.
We will never have another Queen like ours, and never have another consort like him.
I loved his measured outbursts for decades. I think, if we are honest, so did we all.
Long live The Queen even yet.


I can’t believe most of the programming had been kept off air on both BBC 1 and 2 last night. Monty Don’s even been rescheduled.:dizzy_face:

RIP Duke, a fine man, we say it’s a shame he never made 100 years of age, would have been the day after mine.:heart:
I’ll only be 67 though.:roll_eyes:

Top Boy, simple as :v:

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Can’t say I’m too bothered one way or t’other to be honest, and I could certainly have done without the BBC’s grovelling, sycophantic coverage.