Probably A Silly Question But...

I’ve got my tickets for the national rally (VERY excited) but on Saturday my 5 decided to enjoy a pretty spectacular brake fail. 

It was up in the air all day yesterday, but I don’t think I’m going to get it finished before Sunday.


So, like I said, maybe a silly question - but can I use my tickets if I’m not in my five and use my trusty Golf to transport me down?



Normally you would just park in a separate area then just enter the rally as normal, just bring the tickets hanger etc with you to show.

The advice given by MickAP s correct. There will be a separate non-mx5 parking area, but as long as you have the hanger you can gain free entry to the event through the main ticket entrance gates. 

Have i missed something here, we need tickets to get in ??..not been before so am unsure

Your rally pass was sent in the last Soft Top Hardtop

Other car questions

I saw the pass and thought it was something to do with a rally specifically for the anniversary models !!!..what an idiot, have contacted the club and gave my member number who say they will post one out and it will be in the next day or 2 and it is 2nd class so concerned I may not get one.

Is there any other way of getting in with the MX5’s if I don’t receive on, will my paid up membership card on its own be ok ?

What I should have said instead of tickets is membership card

So hanger and member card, unless of course you are booked for any special event that’s happening then whatever for that.


its the hanger i don’t have

I am sure Membership will get one out to you.

But you will need both on the day pass and card on the day to get in and pick up your commemorative rally gift