Problem with mark 1 mx5

hi i am the proud owner of a 1991 mx5/ eunos jap import
have had the car a little while without any mechanical problems, however after leaving the car sitting for a few weeks i started it up early this week and it started fine, noticed that both the elelctric windows and wipers didnt work, then the next day i tryed too start the mx5 and it woundnt start no crank no start issue
does any1 have any ideas on this help would be much appreciated

is your battery charged?

hi i will try too charge it up and see if any difffrent

Once the battery is charged it’s probably a good idea to look for what’s causing the drain. If you take the terminals off and measure the voltage, then again with the terminals connected. If it’s less then there is a drain, you’ll need to start pulling fuses to see which circuit the drain is on.

A current draw of 30 or 40 ma is enough to flatten a battery over a few weeks, but probably won’t cause a voltage drop high enough to measure.
You could try connecting a meter in series between the battery and car to see if there’s anything not shutting down correctly and permanently drawing electricity.

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I had an NA and the battery was going flat.

It did not have an alarm - or so I thought, but when the previous owner had “removed” it, this was not done properly and it was in fact still partly connected - enough to draw a current and flatten the battery.

I would have a look around the engine bay and see if you can see any signs of an aftermarket alarm…If there is, get it removed completely, unless you know there is an alarm that you are using, in which case, this will flatten the battery over time.

ok i have just replaced the battery with a brand new varta battery but still the same problem?
no crank no start
i have an aftermarket immobilizer its a scorpion brand
any ideas

thanks to all who helped it was a frayed wire on negitive terminal to battery
got her running again many thanks

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