Profile picture

Can anyone help with telling me how to put the picture of my MX5 on my profile so ir shows on topics

Many thanks in advance


Hi Fazer 100.

Go to the Forum and below the dark blue band you’ll find some blue text.  Look for ‘My Profile’.

Click on ‘My Profile’  and then look for ‘Modify Avatar’ on the left.

You can upload your picture there.

If  you want to load a photo to the Forum itself look here…

Thank you Eric
Ile give it a go

Do you know how to reduce the image to the scale to the profile picture size?

You need to resize the image before you upload, leave enough space around the part of the image you want to display in the avatar circle.

If you’re on Windows then you can use the photos app, most phone gallery’s offer editing tools too.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried the windows photo app but not sure what res the profile photo needs to be set at for it to make a good fit?

I ‘think’ something like 240 x 240 however the software normally resizes larger images.

Hello Eric,
I access the club site via my Samsung Windows phone.
I have tried on several ocassions to change my profile picture without sucess!
I dont see anything before the blue bar on the forum site? Ive tried all the menus and cant work out how to change my profile picture.

Hi N,
It may be worth logging out and then back in again. This has helped me in the past to ‘find’ some things.

So not Samsung Android, I didn’t pick up on that when you mailed, I suspect the software is not fully compatible with Windows Mobile.

Discourse supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Additionally, we aim to support Safari on iOS 15.7+.


I thought that Samsung only used the android operating system and that there is a windows app ?

Apologies, Of course its the Android operating system, but still no joy in amending my Profile via my Samsung Phone.

I’ve just walked through the steps on my phone and the following should work for you:

  1. Open Chrome on your Samsung Android phone
  2. Go to and sign in if necessary
  3. Tap on the roundel in the top-right corner. This will display as a purple ‘N’ for you at the moment. Then the ‘person’ icon at the bottom
  4. Tap ‘Preferences’ and you’ll see the ‘Profile Picture’ section
  5. Tap the ‘pencil’ icon
  6. Choose the ‘custom picture’ option and then tap ‘Upload’
  7. Photos and albums from your phone will display and then select your desired image
  8. Tap ‘Save Changes’ and that should complete the process :+1:

Thankyou, All done now.