Prop Shafts on MK1 - MK2.5


Just sent out the wrong prop shaft to a customer and feeling a bit silly as I really ought to know what shafts fit what cars.

This was a daft mistake on my part and the correct prop now sent out.  Luckily this is a decent and patient person, in common with most MX5 owners I deal with. 

I only know of two types…

  1. 105cm total length that fits all MK1/Eunos 1.6 cars, manual and auto 1989 - 1998

  2. 100cm total length, with extra metal band near top and bottom of tube that fits all the other cars…

MK1/Eunos 1.8 1993 - 1998 manual and auto

MK2/MK2.5/Eunos  1.6 1998 - 2005 manual

MK2/MK2.5/Eunos 1.8 1998 - 2005 manual

The weird thing is that the prop on my UK spec MK1 1.6, 1997 looks from the back like it has the extra band of metal associated with the 1.8.

Can anyone clarify the above for me.





 Late 1.6  (88bhp cars) had a 7" diff same as 1,8

 Thanks Richard - that explains why my car has the 1.8 style prop.

Will have to add detail to my website to ensure that owners get the right part.  

 Also Auto shafts are larger at gearbox end.Shaft will fit in the gearbox ope but internal size is larger.!!!


Thanks Robert but not at all what I wanted to hear:-(

I wasn’t aware of this and worry that the second shaft sent out may also be wrong.  Car is a manual but shaft only specified as off a MK1 1.6, so may well be off an auto.

How easy is it to dismantle the joints and swap over the ends if the internals are wrong?  


 Hi Rhino

  The older cars (not mx50) had circlips holding in the endcaps of the universal joint on the end of the shaft but modern cars have the endcaps pressed in and kind of crimped or burred over so its a job for driveshaft company really .If you were desperate you could fit them yourself but joint  would need to be spot welded endcap in so not really recommended.We might have suitable shaft if you send me the size/lenght you need. .Excluding the AUTO as far as I know there are only two different lenghts.

 Hi Robert

Yes, I have been reading that the MX5 does not have joints that can effectively be serviced because as you say they are weld sealed rather than circlipped.  Better off replacing the whole shaft than getting involved with these UJs.  Would be interested to hear of any standard exceptions to this.

Interestingly my customer confirms that the auto shaft received was the correct fit for his pre 1994 115bhp 1.6 manual.  In summary there appear to be 2 shaft options - one that fits the MX5/Eunos man/auto 115bhp 1.6 car and the other that seems to be correct for all other MK1(88bhp 1.6 and 1.8), MK2 and MK2.5 cars.      


 Dont think so as I have sold several gearboxes and driveshafts seperately and never any difference only the lenght.Other than the Auto shaft