Pub Meeting Coopers Arms 13th September 7pm

Hi everyone

We have arranged a pub meeting at Coopers Arms on Wednesday 13th September. 7pm

They are now asking for a £10.00 per person deposit to be paid as we are a large group we will need to pay on Monday 11th September. The menu will be their
usual Carvery menu.

If you would like to come along please can you book in on this thread asap. I will then contact you regarding payment of the deposit.

The cut off date for booking and payment will be Sunday

Look forward to seeing you there.


John and Michele.

Dave and Cath - payment received thank you
John and Jan - payment received thank you
Ian and Carolanne - payment received thank you
Angie and Chris - payment received thank you
Terry and Penny - payment received thank you
Ray and Glennis - payment received thank you
Carole White - payment received thank you
Mick and Susanna - payment received thank you.
Gary and Diane - payment received thank you
Dennis - payment received thank you


John and Michele

Hi John and Michele

We would like to join you at the Coopers.

Many thanks

David and Cath

Hello Michele & John,

We would like to join you for a meal at The Coopers Arms too.

Thank you,
Ian & Carol-Ann

Can you please add us to the list for a meal at Coopers.
John and Jan x

Hi Michelle and John.

Yes please , we would love to join you.

Angie &chris.

Hi please add us for next Wednesday
Terry and Penny

Ray and Glennis would like to join you for the meal at Coopers


Would like to join you at the Coopers Arms

Carole White

Hi Carole

We look forward to seeing you there.

Regards John and Michele

Hi everyone

Just a reminder the deadline for booking and payment is tomorrow. We need topay deposits on Monday

Thank you

John and Michele

Hi John and Michele
Could you please add Mick and Suzanne to the list for Wednesday. Deposit paid to you today.
See you Wednesday xx

Deposit paid
Terry and Penny

If not too late would like to join you Wednesday for a meal and chat with other owners as we have recently joined. How do we make payment or at the venue?

Garry & Dianne

Deposit received Terry and Penny


John and Michele

How do I pay the deposit?

Hi Carole

We have sent you a message with payment details.

Is it just 1 place you require or 2.


John and Michele


Just one please and I will send the deposit today,


Hi John & Michele,
My plans have been changed for tomorrow night, so I am free, is it ok if I come along tomorrow night, and if ok do you want the £10 deposit.

Thanks Dennis.

Hi Dennis have added you and sent you a message


John and Michele